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20 Mar ’11

Park Hyun Sun – Marilyn Monroe Look

This is another latest photo shoot of popular Korean babe Park Hyun Sun 박현선, styled like American icon Marilyn Monroe. I like the far away shots a lot, because Park Hyun Sun looks more mysterious and vulnerable. What about you? Do you like Park Hyun Sun’s Marilyn Monroe style?

More Photos Of Park Hyun Sun Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

If you’re interested in Korean babe Park Hyun Sun, feel free to have a look at other hot sets of her in this link. For Park Hyun Sun’s profile and stunning photo collection, you can jump to this previous post of Park Hyun Sun.

More Photos Of Park Hyun Sun Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

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Written by: Nia
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  1. nice

    not the best Marilyn Monroe wannabe, but she’s got a nice body.

  2. jade

    why do so many people try to recreate the marilyn monroe look. >-<

  3. pally

    some photos are better than her last set i think. :)

  4. pally

    at least!!!!

  5. rnr

    nice one
    i enjoy this utter whiteness

  6. ginger

    i think it would be better if park hyun sun doesn’t take closeup shots and stay mysterious and pretty. her nose looks cute but not her eys. V-V

  7. Andy

    Honestly Pak Hyun Sun, looks much better than Monroe, this is my personal opinion.

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