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18 Feb ’11

Kim Ha Yul – Kimono & Dress Shirt

Here are a few more latest sets of hot Korean model Kim Ha Yul 김하율 – a beautiful and lovely kimono outfit, a sexy dress shirt similar to Park Hyun Sun’s previous one, a hot ripped tank top and a dark blue skinny jean. :D

More Photos Of Kim Ha Yul Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

Kim Ha Yul looks absolutely gorgeous in the kimono set. A long wig was the right choice for this photo shoot. I like Kim Ha Yul’s makeup here as well. Unlike the kimono shoot, the dress shirt set shows a different side of Kim Ha Yul. The model conveys her sexiness and maturity through her sophisticated look and expressions.

If you think Korean babe Kim Ha Yul is hot, why not check out more stunning sets of the model in this link? For Kim Ha Yul’s statistics and hot photo collection, you can jump to her profile post here. If you’d like to view more Korean sets of other models, feel free to visit our Daily Idols Korea category.

More Photos Of Kim Ha Yul Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

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  1. yuki

    Kim Ha Yul is beautiful. The Kimono looks good on her. ^^

  2. brian

    pic Kim Ha Yul 133 is flawless.

  3. Very nice sets. The background and settings are mysterious and intriguing. I can imagine a couple of stories here. Haha.

  4. gianna

    a stunning korean woman here ;)

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