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5 Mar ’11

Kim Ha Yul – Fabulous Old Sets

Due to a friendly request, we’ve decided to post some old but stunning photo shoots of Kim Ha Yul 김하율 for today’s daily idols. I have no idea how I’ve left out some fabulous old pictures of Kim Ha Yul, which is very worthwhile to be put up here. Hope everyone will like these old sets. :D

More Photos Of Kim Ha Yul Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

It’s probably my first time to see Kim Ha Yul in smoking hot dark eye makeup, and the first time I’ve seen Kim Ha Yul dressed in a sexy sailor outfit. What do you think of these photo shoots? If you like Korean babe Kim Ha Yul, why not check out other gorgeous sets of the model on her Red Flava page?

For Kim Ha Yul’s statistics, profile and hot photo collection, you can go back to this previous article. If you’d like to have a look at other Korean models and girls, you can visit our Korean Profiles and Daily Idols Korea categories. Enjoy Kim Ha Yul’s hot photos!

More Photos Of Kim Ha Yul Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery


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  1. yuki

    awesome makeup. love it. ^^



  3. Gorgeous! Cool costume there.

  4. jade

    a bit scared of that wig. >-<

  5. jayson

    the first set is very hot. :D

  6. cc

    i want that yellow top!

  7. N2oXide

    Hahaha, Nia, I love you.


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