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19 Mar ’11

Im Soo Yeon – Lace Skirt & Stockings

Adorable Korean girl Im Soo Yeon 임수연 has recently released another stunning photo shoot, styled in a sexy spring outfit with the kind of accessories I would buy for myself. :D I think the lace skirt, net stockings and black high heels suit Im Soo Yeon fine. What about you? Do you like this new set of Im Soo Yeon?

More Photos Of Im Soo Yeon Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

As always, you can bookmark and follow this Red Flava page for more future articles of Im Soo Yeon. You can also check out this previous post for Im Soo Yeon’s profile and cute photo collection.

More Photos Of Im Soo Yeon Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

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  1. yuki

    cute outfit. ^^

  2. rachel

    always cute and special!

  3. Really like the earrings. :D

  4. taz

    adorable, how old is she?

  5. Kayla

    the skirt is fine, but don’t fancy the heels.

  6. Love the shoes and skirt, top really works well, really love the whole outfit, the stockings are fab. Apparently my boyfriend loves it as well, I had the page open before I went to the shop, I returned to find him jerking off to these photos.
    Complement for you! Not so good for me I guess :-(
    Must take a few fashion hints from you ;-)

  7. Unfortunately, yes! not really boyfriend material I guess? He is such a hunk though wud be a pity :-( but I suppose I could take some fashion tips so when I meet the right guy I will impress him?

    • Kaylee

      He’s cute :D

      • Kaylee, I’m a little confused when you say “he is cute”? Just wondering if you caught your boyfriend jerking off to these photos wud you think he wud be cute? Of course they are definitely sexy and a turn on for guys I guess but it’s just something a girl dosent like to see her man doing?

        • Kaylee

          I’m fine with it to be honest. If I know him very well, I’d think it’s cute and there’s no need for him to hide from me.

      • lisa

        Really? I can’t stand my bf looking at pictures like this, but I understand how websites like rf get so popular. :/

        • H Lisa,

          I totally know what you mean it just sort of gets to me when he feels the need to do this, like I don’t look up websites looking at scantly dressed guys? Maybe I should it might help understand why guys do it. I checked his Internet history and let me tell you it seems like this is definitely not the only site like this he looks at, this one at least this gorgeous woman is just modelling her clothes ;-(

        • lisa

          I don’t get it either, I’m actually pissed off because women aren’t like this. I don’t check sexy guys online so it’ll never be the same.

    • angel

      go for it rita let him know you can be better ;)

    • ginger

      so this boyfriend is not the right guy? did you argue about it?

  8. Kaylee,
    Well I guess everyone is entitled to their opinion. Sone girl might be ok with it, I suppose i see your point, he is probably goin to do it anyway?? I guess most guys do at some stage anyway?

  9. Well up to that I thought he was mr right, we argued for quiet a while about it, then ge confessed he has a sort of fetish for women dressed in lace, suspenders, even high heels! Of course short skirts, but what guy doesn’t?

    • ginger

      true. wouldn’t he read your comments on this site?

      • When visits sites like this I don’t he he is interested in comments, he probably has visited this site since I left comments, and I would be inclined to think he is more interested in this goddesses sexy outfit and body than what is written about her, well you might not believe this but I actually went out and bought an(complete) outfit similar to the one she is wearing, I have to admit the sex is fantastic!
        Here is the thing I wonder is it me That turns him on or is is just fantasizing about her? Paranoid / sad or what! :-(
        Think it’s time to move on?

        • ginger

          it’s probably both. realistic, isn’t it?

        • Jalapeno

          C’mon Rita, of course its you that turns him on! He’s with you for a reason, and those reasons are in your personality more than in your looks, but I’m sure he thinks your pretty hot too. After all, we all get old eventually and lose our looks… if he was only interested in you for looks then you would find a long string of beautiful women in his past. Look at older people around you. Are they all lonely and single because they arent beautiful anymore? Dont you see those lovely old couples that walk along holding hands? Get over the paranoia and be the one to fulfill his dreams! (I said dreams, not fantasies…you can take that how you wish) Just make sure he fulfills yours as well.

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