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15 Feb ’11

Park Hyun Sun – Valentine Sweetheart

How was your Valentine’s Day, everyone? We hope you like the photos in our articles. For more daily idols, we have one of the latest sets of adorable Korean girl Park Hyun Sun 박현선, who has been consistently sexy and cute in photo shoots. We also have part of this set in our previous Park Hyun Sun post.

More Photos Of Park Hyun Sun Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

This is Park Hyun Sun’s version of Valentine’s set. Compared with Kim Ha Yul‘s and Ryu Ji Hye’s versions, which do you prefer? Of course, the Valentine’s set is not all for this post. We’ve also gathered some gorgeous old photo shoots of Park Hyun Sun which I’m sure you’ll like. :D

If you want to have a look at more Korean sets, you can visit our Daily Idols Korea category as usual. If you think Park Hyun Sun is hot, you can always check out her profile and stunning photo collection in her previous post. If you’d like to see more of Park Hyun Sun, you can visit and bookmark her Red Flava page.

More Photos Of Park Hyun Sun Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

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  1. tyler

    smoking hot…..

  2. Thanks for so many hot pics! Had a great Valentine’s day. :D

  3. brian

    fabulous photoshoots, i’m impressed.

  4. Looooove this post! *^_^*

  5. lizi

    I had a tiring day, but this pictures bring a smile to my face.:) Thank you.xx

  6. yuki

    Park Hyun Sun is so rock and roll. @@

  7. Stunning shots. :)

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