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17 May ’11

Heo Yun Mi – Three New Sets

In this article we’ll share with you three new photo shoots of hot Korean model Heo Yun Mi 허윤미. Also known as Heo Yoon Mi, Heo Yun Mi is a sweet and popular Korean race queen and model. Hope you like Heo Yun Mi’s new sets! :P

More Photos Of Heo Yun Mi Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

To view more hot pictures of Heo Yun Mi, feel free to have a look at Heo Yun Mi’s Red Flava page. You can also click here for Heo Yun Mi’s detailed profile and sexy old photos. Enjoy Heo Yun Mi’s hot sets!

More Photos Of Heo Yun Mi Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

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Written by: Nia
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  1. rachel

    fabulous. really nice hairstyle there. ^-^

  2. Robert

    One of the girls that I definitely would like to go on date. She is absolutely perfect, face, body, curves, eyes.

  3. melon

    good office look on her.

  4. std

    Very nice! Even if this may sound too common… There is something mysterious in faces of models from Asia – most of them (i almost sure that all of them), not Heo Yun Mi only. Уou can feel the mood of picture – if model smiles, she makes you to smile, and in the same way they able to transfer anything – curiosity, loneliness, rapture, sorrow… This noticed seldom among european models. Maybe people from USA and Europe attempts to hide or to save their feelings. And europeans reached success in this. Theis faces become pale and insensible. That’s why asian people (not girls or models only) looks better.

    First picture with jacket is lovely :) Nice to see someone is happy.

    • slaywee

      i totally got you bud
      these asian women have something special to attract a man. and the way they made cute faces surely makes us smile

  5. cm goth

    very cute!!!
    i wonder if she hates half japs like me

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