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27 Feb ’11

Cha Sun Hwa – Korea Travel Expo 2011

For today’s daily idols, we’ve got some latest pictures of Cha Sun Hwa 차선화 at the Korea Travel Expo 2011 event, which aims at developing tourism in the region. In these pictures, Cha Sun Hwa dons a cute yellow and black uniform and white with black striped knee-high socks.

More Photos Of Cha Sun Hwa Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

At the end of the article, there are a few more photos of the previous set of Cha Sun Hwa which can be found in this link. If you’re interested in model Cha Sun Hwa, you can check out her profile and old photos in her previous post.

You can also bookmark and follow this page for more future articles of Cha Sun Hwa. If you’d like to check out other Korean models, you can visit our Korean Profiles and Daily Idols Korea categories.

More Photos Of Cha Sun Hwa Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

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  1. yuki

    cute poses. ^^

  2. I like the outfit. Black and yellow is a good combination.

  3. jade

    her fringe could be better. :P

  4. brian

    she looks quite short in some pics.

  5. liz

    skirt’s too big for her. >-<

  6. Champagne looks soo good mmmmmmm…
    prefect Vacanza.
    Central Kaliforna
    tigerland I got a room green light bulbs
    tiger garden with you …… Please
    Kim Suzuki. Bakuyoden

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