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26 Mar ’11

Choi Seul Gi – Latest Hot Teasers

Choi Seul Gi 최슬기, aka Choi Seul Ki, has recently released a few hot and cute teasers, which we’re glad to share with you in this article. :D Apart from the teasers, we also have more photos of a previous set of Choi Seul Gi. Hope you like Choi Seul Gi’s new photos.

More Photos Of Choi Seul Gi Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

To view more photo shoots of Korean babe Choi Seul Gi, feel free to visit and browse Choi Seul Gi’s Red Flava page. For Choi Seul Gi’s profile and hot photo collection, you can jump to this previous post of the model. Enjoy the photos!

More Photos Of Choi Seul Gi Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

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  1. et

    :D :D so many different sexy sets. I love Choi Seul Gi.

  2. iheartu

    she is so cute. =)

  3. A pretty face is more important than a hot body. So by this standard, no matter how hot the body, she fails!

  4. Obviously I do, as I have a beautiful Asian wife and love this country of China. There are some drop dead gorgeous ladies on this site, but also a large amount of butter faces who only are models because of their bodies.

  5. I wouldn’t really call her a butter face, I mean she doesn’t have an ugly face in any way to me, but her body is definitely better than her face. And her face has specific angles that are good and bad like most people. I also think she manages to look cute and sexy at the same time, and so I’d definitely say she’s hot.

  6. ELOFan

    I think 尼克 has been smoking too much pot he wouldn’t know from beautiful Asian woman to ugly one

  7. ELOFan just jacks off to pictures. 尼克 is straightedge and married a beautiful Chinese woman!

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