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16 Sep ’11

Cha Sun Hwa – Two New Shoots

Here are two new sets of hot Korean babe Cha Sun Hwa 차선화, which were recently updated to Cha Sun Hwa’s Red Flava gallery. Do you like these new shoots? As usual, you can read more about the model in her profile article. ;)

More Photos Of Cha Sun Hwa Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

To view more hot pictures of model Cha Sun Hwa, feel free to have a look at Cha Sun Hwa’s Red Flava link. You can also click here for Cha Sun Hwa’s profile and gorgeous photo collection. Enjoy the hot shots! :D

More Photos Of Cha Sun Hwa Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

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Written by: Nia
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  1. jose

    quite cute there

  2. nick

    she’s perfect man,got bumper,headlights,waist also slender,don care whether is plactic or what.The face is the angelic kind where u can bring and show yr parents while the devilish body leaves u leaving for fantasy.wa pian she[s one of the few that can get me excited.thats the thing abt korean models.unlike their japanese and china counter-parts,they are sexy even w/o revealing much.they leave rm for yr imagination!esp her bumper,makes u wana go by the backdoor.phew i still cant belive such great gems!

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