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3 Oct ’11

Anri Sugihara – Latest Photo Sets

We finally have some new pictures of highly popular Japanese idol Anri Sugihara 杉原杏璃. :D As usual, you can read more about Anri Sugihara in her previous profile article. What do you think of Anri Sugihara’s new photo shoots?

More Photos Of Anri Sugihara Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

For Anri Sugihara’s profile, statistics and sexy old pictures, you can jump to this previous post of the idol. To follow more future posts and photo sets of Anri Sugihara, you can visit and bookmark Anri Sugihara’s Red Flava page. Enjoy the hot pics! ;)

More Photos Of Anri Sugihara Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

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  1. Casuality

    Well I love asian girls, but she’s fairly normal looking and kind of slutty about things I mean every week she has a photoshoot were she’s close to naked. I mean if your a pretty model take it slow one piece of clothing at a time unless you have a amazing photoshoot look at Viann Zhang Xinyu ridiculously beautiful but she knows how to tease never give the fans everything or they wont come back for more keep em guessing and keep them interested ..words of advice is all if your gonna consistently bare most everything just go into porn ..hate to be a asshole but needs to be said at some point.

  2. Casuality

    as a man I will explain if your a female model put you know what on a pedestal tease the more reason men want to see your clothes off the less reason to give it to them once you bare it all interest is quickly lost it’s like going full retard in a movie instead of half retard with a good heart, there’s soooo many beautiful girls that are just like draw jopping damn then you see a video of them naked and it’s like there no different then a couple of girls iv’e been with I think not keeping it real is good for a pretty model’s career that’s my 2 cent’s err couple paragraphs whatever.

  3. Casuality

    I said what I said and I meant it but I feel like such a dick that 2nd to last photo with you with the short black hair you look just drop dead gorgeous your very pretty just you need to manage your career better and dont listen to whoever you are now they are giving bad advice. I really hate being negative but my advice is meant to help your career so I hope you take a step back and go for dazzling clothing and jewerly with maybe a freeway backround shooting buy at a high speed that’d be a great photoshoot.

  4. Casuality

    I meant cars shooting buy like you only see the trails of light kind of dear.

  5. d

    ¡¡¡Beautiful!!!! :D :D :D :P

  6. to cong

    i found d bomb behind d shirt…..:p

  7. Better to show off those BOOBS ^^ just the booBS hahaha

  8. cm goth

    very underraated
    i really think she is one of the hottest here in asia

  9. wing

    She is so beuatiful

  10. wing

    She is so beautiful mind aesthetically.

  11. dj

    yes she is to beautiful I wanted to kiss in her breast

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