2 Jan ’11

Top 10 Cutest Asian Hot Picks 2010

No. 1. Ailesa Qin Qi Jun 覃绮君

2. Hera He Xiao Miao 何小苗

3. Rebecca Feng Qian 冯倩

4. Cookie Shi Xiao Shuo 施笑朔

5. Ayuki Huang Mei Xi 黄美熙

6. Im Soo Yeon 임수연

7. Papa Yin Ming Li 殷明莉

8. Goo Ha-ra 구하라

9. Kim Namji 김남지

10. Kittybaby

More Photos Of Cute Asian Girls Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

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Written by: Nia
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  1. They’re so cute. They all have excellent eye makeup.

  2. ucxx

    nowadays girls look so different.

  3. jayes

    Honestly , i bet they wont look cute without makeup, not saying that they’re ugly but they will probably look like any other girl … makeup does wonder.

  4. 741

    Cute indeed.

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