19 May ’11

Necomimi – The New Human Organs

What are “Necomimi” 脳波で動く猫耳? In the last two weeks, netizens from all over the world have been discussing about this new term, Necomimi. Necomimi, the sensational headgear, is a set of white ears which move based on the wearer’s thoughts and emotions. The term “Necomimi” means “cat’s ears” in Japanese.

Necomimi was recently introduced by a Japanese company named Neurowear, who claims that Necomimi are the new human organs. Necomimi adopt two brain-wave sensors and work with one’s brain signal. The video below shows clearly how Necomimi works.

“Necomimi” shoot up when a wearer is nervous or focused, flatten when sad or relaxed, and flap back and forth when the wearer’s brain activity is low.

According to the video above, Necomimi can detect and interpret the emotional state of the wearer, expressing it through the four distinct movements we see in the video. While the cat ears may seem like a trivial approach, the developers indicate the technology could be adapted as a communication tool for those who may be reclusive or shy around strangers.

Below we also have two videos showing some of the customers who have experienced Neurowear’s new product Necomimi. Check them out!

Is Necomimi a new attempt to interpret the human mind? Or is it simply aimed at the fashion-conscious? What do you think of the new hi-tech Necomimi launched by Japanese research project team Neurowear?

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  1. Kayla

    i think it’s cute

    i might buy it :P

  2. lee

    another mind control attempt!!!!!

  3. C3q3q3q

    a little bit pointless dont you think?

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