29 Sep ’11

Top Asian Movies – September 2011

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No. 1. Dragon (aka Wu Xia)

Director: Peter Chan

Writer: Oi Wah Lam

Starring: Donnie Yen, Takeshi Kaneshiro, Tang Wei

Release Date: 2011-7-28 (Hong Kong)

Genre: Action, Drama

Plot: In a remote Chinese village, ordinary paper maker Liu Jin-Xi lives with his wife Ayu and two sons. When two bandits attempt to rob a nearby general store, Liu Jin-Xi happens to be nearby and comes to the store’s defense. The final result of the battle is that the two bandits are killed by Liu Jin-Xi. Detective Xu Bai-Jiu is then tasked to investigate the general store robbery. His attention quickly focuses on Liu Jin-Xi as he suspects the ordinary paper maker is hiding a secret past.

Source: AsianMediaWiki IMDB


2. Silenced (aka Dokani)

“Silenced” tells the story of an art teacher who works at a deaf school. He is dreaded by the uncomfortable atmosphere and fears there is more to the school than meets the eye, and there is. He, and a human rights activist, crack down on the school and their unfair dealings, and soon discovers that there is a man who sexually assaults the little girls there.

3. Anfea The Answer (Unfair: The Answer)

A series of grotesque murders occurs in downtown Tokyo involving nails placed in the body of the victims. The fingerprint of Natsumi‘s ex-husband, freelancer journalist Kazuo Sato, is found on the the body of a victim and Kazuo is placed on the most wanted list. Soon after, Kazuo finds Natsumi and hands her a USB memory stick. The device contains information on a secret organization within the police department.

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