28 May ’11

Top Asian Movies – May 2011

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No. 1. Punished (aka Bou ying)

Director: Wing-cheong Law

Writer: Chi Keung Fung

Starring: Anthony Wong, Richie Ren, Janice Man

Release Date: 2011-5-5

Genre: Crime, Thriller

Plot: Real estate tycoon Wong Ho-Chiu suffers great pain when his daughter Daisy is kidnapped and killed. Wong Ho-Chiu turns to his trusted bodyguard Chor to seek out the perpetrators and exact revenge. Wong Ho-Chiu goes one step further and orders Chor to videotape each of their executions. Once Chor tracks down the final perpetrator, Wong Ho-Chiu decides to kill that person himself. When Wong Ho-Chiu learns about the perpetrator’s past, he has second thoughts.

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2. Officer of the Year (aka Chepyoyang)

Nearby police stations located in the Seoul districts of Mapo and Seodaemun are usually compared to each other and, consequently, has developed a rivalry. To top the Mapo station, the Seodaemun police station appoints its new leader Jung Wei-Chan. An award for “officer of the year” is given out to the officer able to apprehend the most criminals. The award also comes with a 30 million Won cash prize.

3. Tomie Unlimited (aka Tomie: Anrimiteddo)

Tsukiko is a member of the photography club in high school. On her way home with friend Kae, Tsukiko runs into older sister Tomie who goes to the same high school. Tomie is also with Toshio, a guy Tsukiko has a secret crush on. Tsukiko is consumed with fierce jealousy over her sister, but at the same time is intoxicated with Tomie’s beauty…

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  1. rui

    anyone seen tomie unlimited? any good?

  2. Roger

    I have watched 2 of this movies, quite good. Honestly much better movies compared to previous months top 5.

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