27 Jul ’11

Top Asian Movies – July 2011

Top Asian Movies – April 2011 moviesTop Asian Movies – April 2011 moviesTop Asian Movies – April 2011 moviesPopular Asian Movies

No. 1. Quick (aka Qwik)

Director: Jo Beom-Gu

Starring: Lee Min-Ki, Kang Hye-Won, Kim In-Kwon

Release Date: 2011-7-21

Production Company: JK Film, CJ Entertainment

Plot: Ki-Soo, Myung-Sik and Ah-Rom were members of the same notorious motorcycle gang. They enjoyed their days roaming the streets recklessly on the motorcycles. Now, Ki-Soo works as a motorcycle delivery man, Myung-Sik is a motorcycle cop and Ah-Rom is a pop idol singer. One day, Ki-Soo has Ah-Rom riding on the back of his motorcycle as he makes a delivery. To his surprise, the delivery package explodes.

Source: AsianMediaWiki


2. Andalucia: Megami no Houfuku

A Japanese investor is killed in the Principality of Andorra, located north of Spain. Diplomat Kosaku Kuroda is there preparing for an international conference. Kosaku Kuroda is then ordered to investigate the murder of the Japanese investor…

3. Beginning of the Great Revival (aka The Founding of a Party)

A companion piece to 2009’s Chinese blockbuster The Founding of a Republic, details the historic events surrounding what is referred to as the Chinese Revolution, the period from 1911 to 1921, when Sun Yat-sen overthrew the Qing Dynasty and planted the roots of what has become today’s Chinese Communist government.

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