8 Jan ’11

Asian Girls – Before and After Makeup Part 2

Due to the popularity of our previous post Asian Girls – Before and After Makeup, we have collected more pictures of before and after makeup from Asia. What do you think of these photos? Part 1.

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More Before & After Makeup Photos Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

More Before & After Makeup Photos Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

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  1. Some pictures of Japanese girls look so horrible. The last Chinese girl is actually pretty cute.

  2. Shattered

    Dreams shattered.

    • nikromants

      I’m with you there, i’m searching all around the net(google :D ) to find the truth, but i can’t find, because it’s full of these things, like “with and with out makeup” pictures, i can’t find anything that would tell me or show me that it’s not true that all Jp girls are that ugly (in pictures there were good ones too, i counted at least 3-4 girls with out makeup that are good looking and are acceptable) It’s weird that Jp girls doesn’t care about their appearance, i think these are only some pictures that ae popuar on the net about (before and after) thing, but think about it, it’s the same around the world, in Europe, wee have girls that care about them selves and doesn’t put make-up and still look good, maybe just a bit, but totally, they look normal with out makeup, they just use lotions, creams and all other stuff, so i don’t think this is like that, these are only few, i think there are many many real ones that are the same as just i described, using face lotions and face creams(dunno if i said right, i didn’t mean a cream like from cake or something :D) so it’s simple and good question about all of this – Why they don’t care about them selves and are forced to use makeup ? (not enough money to buy things for face cleaning? too lazy to clean your face? or any other obstacle that makes you to put a massive makeup on your self and just lie to your self that you are pretty but actually it’s a makeup ? they doesn’t have life at all, what if boyfriend that those girls gonna get, is going to get shocked after he sees the girl without makeup? he will abandon her, she would feel sad and her heart would be broken, have you ever think about that? i think there aren’t girls that doesn’t have emotions or heart and won’t feel anything after that and just gonna put makeup till death, there aren’t girls in Jp that doesn’t care about their life, these pictures are just some collected from girls that got popular with makeup, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t good looking girls and cute that aren’t wearing any makeup, but wearing just a bit is normal, but not as massive as that, that you will look like different person, just get real, those are few girls with bad luck and bad life that have posted them selves on the net, it doesn’t mean that most of the Asian girls are ugly.

      • Jess

        In denial much? -__-

      • rocket

        most of these girls are chinese. I would be shocked if any of them where japanese actually.


          Actually it’s a half-half…
          Apparently Japs are just as bad as Korea and China when it comes to obsessing over beauty; maybe even worse than Korea but it’s just not as ‘out in the open’ as the PS issues are in Korea to the rest of the world.

          My Japanese friend recently went back to Japan (she stayed near KyuShu at her grandma’s) and she was complaining non-stop about how scarily doll-looking all the girls looked. She had a neighbour who was only 16 years old and has already had botox three times and got a nose job.
          She went to get pictures taken with one of her kindy friends at a photobooth and she ended up throwing the pictures away because she said the girls in the pictures weren’t them. The photobooth machine had an automatic feature that detects the eyes and enlarges it, and NO you can’t turn the feature off.

          Also add the fact that Japan is in the top 5 of most surgeries done annually in Asia and in the top 10 worldwide.

        • Yoshi13

          There are Japanese girls here. I speak Japanese and some of the pictures even had Japanese words on them. I think there was 5 different places.

      • Philippe

        hello from Switzerland girls a beautiful

  3. Some girls are really good without make-up… for horror movies

  4. n00kify

    And mad props to homegirl who photoshopped in her cleavage.

  5. water

    erm, horrifying! @_@

  6. bowen

    when in doubt.
    break the water out.
    to make these witches melt.

  7. I sometime wonder do they one to be so fake…..I dare them to go nude look with their boyfriends for one day to test weather he truly loves you for who you really are….and FYI I don’t brag am pretty am acceptable…an happy with it, with or without make-up this is how I look, Don’t believe add me on Facebook to see my Pic do state who you are thks.

    • asmi

      hey! y r u saying so u must knw tat no gal is ugly its just that dey r lazy so wat if dey r not so preety naturally well dey r trying!!!!!! n tats gud wats a difference if a gal is preety wit or without make dey r still preetty n guys only go for preety gal so dey r at fault too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!n as a gal ( asian gal) i must say asian gals r really hard working n if dey dun hav any prob wit dem selfs who r u people tell them to go so
      m where nude???????????????

  8. 57

    Some really cute girls here, and some random looking ones. :P

  9. Fiona Tay

    But some are pretty without make up ;0)

  10. bowen

    this article only serves the purpose of “MEN BEWARE!”

    • ayui

      Yup, and don’t only care about appearances, personality matters much more.


      LOOOOOOL true thaaat.
      Although I’m an Asian girl too but I don’t look even half as fake as these girls do rofl.

  11. Girls look so much younger with makeup!

  12. Bubblegum

    Some of them are really cute without make up, I like that girl with the pink shirt and the pink highlights. In my opinion, that’s the way a make up should be : simple.

    But what’s bothering me the most with those pics and the ones on the other post…Okay, they put tons of make up and wigs, but why don’t they take care of their skin and hair *before* putting all the stuff on ? Every girls know that make up looks better (and stay longer !) on a healthy skin, and healthy hair are much stronger and shiny…Really, I don’t understand. They’re really going to pay it when they’ll get old, that’s sad :(

    • I agree with you. Being naturally healthy is so much better than putting too much makeup on and pretending to be beautiful.

      • Bubblegum

        And having a healthy skin means less need for concealers (or anti-aging creams), so more money ! lol

        Personally, I think being healthy is a kind of beauty. A clear complexion and well cared hair can only make someone look better, even if considered “ugly” :)

  13. squee

    A lot of these before and after shots aren’t even the same girl… and you can tell from their noses and facial features being completely different shapes… and a few of the before and afters are just the same picture with really bad photoshop… like the girl who pasted a tattoo on her chest… o_0

    and none of these girls are “ugly”
    this is real.

    • Trinity

      You’re wrong. All of the before and after shots are the same girls. You can’t tell is because you don’t know how to make such a transformation. You just need certain hairstyles, certain makeup and the correct photoshop editing.

  14. Iisa

    The girl in the 45th picture (set of three) is cute, do you happen to know if she has a blog? 8>

  15. liz

    that photo of fan bing bing is a lie. everyone has “ugly” moments. can’t compare a good photo with one that’s taken in a random angle with a weird expression. it’s just not fair.

  16. Smoo

    Aren’t the first three pictures Komi, the wig model? o.0
    I’ve seen other kinds of before-and-after pictures of Komi and I don’t know which ones are real (if any of those are real) but wow, would be a super dramatic change to turn from a (oldish) woman to a young teenager. o.o
    Freaky. xD

    • Nia

      Yeah, she does look like Komi. There are quite a few before makeup photos of Komi on the Internet, and she looks different every time, like a completely different person. So I’m confused too and I have no idea either. :P

  17. Tiff

    Half of them look like men. =/ Whats true beauty in asia now…

    • qiana

      i wouldnt say they represent true beauty in asia


      They make Asian girls seem pathetic and beauty-obsessed :'(

      People say I look like a member of SNSD who got PS and I don’t know if I should feel happy that I look like someone pretty or be insulted that I look like someone who got PS. Flipping dilemma. :'(

  18. Misa

    Some looked alright without makeup. For some reason, they looker scarier with makeup. o.O

  19. Lenin


    • DarthPenguin

      Lol racist much? Dude, you’re already wrong with your assessment as God is simply an imagined magical sky daddy for weak people to cling to and be exploited for money. It’s worse if you’re an actual adult and need the comfort of knowing that there’s a bearded old man who lives in the sky that will welcome you to heaven where you get to frolick with lambs and bunnies all day forever. Pretty damn pathetic. And I see PLENTY of unnattractive white chicks who are either stick skinny or morbidly obese and possess the IQ of a fruitfly yet they can pull guys and trap them like flies to honey. See the thing is it doesn’t matter if a girl is unnattractive or attractive at all. Women are STILL able to pull men, use them, and discard them like a used tissue afterwards and running away with their money.

      Men are usually pretty desperate, and when it comes down to it will fuck anything that moves. The point is that people like you are so narrow minded that you think looks are EVERYTHING when it comes to a person. It shows how shallow and stupid you are. As a human being if all you can focus your time on is how people look and NOT how their personality is then you sadly have the emotional range of a teaspoon. Guys like you are hilarious because you’re so blinded by looks that you completely forget aboutthe actual integrity of a person which turns morons like you into complete suckers. Suckers like you are the ones who get CONNED, and screwed over by beautiful women and then wonder how it happened. News Flash: Looks aren’t everything. We’ll all get old, wrinkly, saggy, sick, and die. So why does it matter? A person’s personality is all that really matters dipshit.

  20. Jasmine

    I’m half Asian, I’m not ugly, nor am I unsightly, but some of these girls look better in the before. And the whole thing with Korean groups getting surgery for their eyes, it’s not to make them look freakishly big, but to open them up, to get double lids instead of monolids. For the most part, yes they do wear makeup, but don’t stereotype Koreans with the rest of them because they eat extremely healthy and take extra-good care of their skin. I think there are so many misconceptions about Oriental girls being naturally ugly because of pictures like this. It’s natural, not ugly, and makeup just enhances looks. If used right, yes, makeup can make enhance features, but some people don’t know exactly how to use it to their advantage. Best tip when wearing makeup(if you absolutely have to wear it): go light and to the point where it doesn’t look like you’re wearing any, so basically the natural look. There’s tons of tutorials and tips for natural makeup on the internet.

  21. NicoNico2D

    It’s ridiculous how some people just diss on how the girls look before make-up. Not everyone can be born beautiful, and I’m sure that there are a lot of westerns that look at least equally unattractive before make up too.

    I think these pictures are actually a great encouragement for those not confident on their looks. Make-up can do a lot, and with a little practice it can really make one look like a total beauty.

    While it’s not really a good thing to wear excessive amounts of make-up and claim that it’s what one really looks like, I do believe that making yourself pretty every once in a while boosts self confidence.
    It’s not “what I dream to be” but “what I can be”.

    And to everyone dissing those lovely girls: I bet you don’t look too fantastic either without any kind of make-up on.


  22. Ughhh

    Even the before pictures of Asian girls are tricky. They all wear circle lenses in the before pictures, so the horror is even worst.

  23. Slow Mo

    Girls in general are like this no matter where they are from, that’s why they invented make up. My fiance is Chinese (I’m white) and she doesn’t even wear make up. Yet to me, she is the most beautiful girl. I fear if she ever decides to wear make up like this, maybe I will think she is so beautiful, I will have a heart attack.

    Can anyone help me? How do I avoid the heart attack?

    And also, can I get square lenses, to make my eyes a square? I think this will enhance my abilities to watch tv. Thanks for listening. Sometimes I talk for hours and no one will listen.

    • Bob

      Hey Slow Mo,

      Congrats on the fiance. I’m also a white guy married to a Chinese hottie (16yrs now). She very rarely wears makeup and when she does it is crazy different. I consider myself very,very, lucky, she’s dropped two kids for me and is still skinny hot…good genes I guess. Anyway, when she wears makeup if we go out or to some social function she doesn’t wear much, but still the transition is suprising. I agree, I think most young girls feel they need makeup no matter where they are from. I think girls are more insecure than boys about appearances. Except for me….S*^t…..I just about need three shots of whiskey just to look at myself in the mirror and feel good.

      Can anyone help?……nope.

  24. lmfao

    this scares the shit out of me

  25. whew! the wonders of make-up!!

  26. O.o

    hey! girls aren’t born pretty….we don’t drop out of the womb looking like a goddess. shame to all the guys who are disgusted…if we are horrible looking…will u even try to date us.

  27. chris

    Most of these girls are just photoshopped.

  28. Ana

    some photos are edited/photoshopped. :)

  29. Torobbie

    “shame to all the guys who are disgusted…if we are horrible looking…will u even try to date us.”

    I am not disgusted ^-^, most of the girls are fine to me, as long they are not super fat… lol


    Some are fake, edited, photoshopped, etc.

    An example:


    Remove *

    Look at her ‘after’ nose… how can it magically become smaller… lawl? Makeup can not do that. And it says ‘retouched’ on the bottom.

    I do not trust these… get videos with high resolution as they are harder to edit… ;]

  30. shell

    Where can I find a youtube or blog with a tutorial on how to do makeup like this? I’m white, but I still want to learn & try their techniques. Thanks.

  31. NYX_cOPS

    I think some of the pictures is actually not from make up, cuz actually it comes from editing with Adobe.But if u guys think they r really adorable as u praise them, so that is your opinion :)

  32. plague doctor

    it’s so disappointing when I see the real face..hehe

  33. ZIAN

    hhmmm not much to say, This completely destroyed my imagination
    Okay Kamen Rider, wear your mask and start the action

  34. Steel_Tracks

    3rd and 4th picture…
    (looking at the right picture) hey, she’s beautiful!! XD XD
    Now lets take a look when she didnt wear makeup…

    (looking at the left picture)


  35. hidayat

    wowwwww….. fanstastik… jadi lebih ayu… manis… cantik… yang ke.7 ayu banget, seperti putri keraton yogyakarta.

  36. hidayat

    yang urutan 12 manis ya….

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