2 Apr ’11

Seoul Motor Show 2011 Event Photos 2

The Seoul Motor Show 2011, which always brings tens of thousands of auto lovers, is a biennial auto show where domestic and foreign auto makers showcase their latest models, as well as new technologies for future models.

More Photos Of Korean Models Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

In this post, we’ll again display car show photos of the following Korean models who have participated in the SMS 2011 event: Hwang Mi Hee 황미희, Choi Seul Gi 최슬기, Kim Ha Yul 김하율, Kang Yoo Lee 강유이, Choi Yu Jung 최유정, Park Si Hyun 박시현, Song Jina 송지나, Im Ji Hye 임지혜, Han Chae I 한채이 and Ju Da Ha 주다하.

Korean Model:

Hwang Mi Hee (Post) (Gallery)

Korean Model:

Choi Seul Gi (Post) (Gallery)

Korean Model:

Kim Ha Yul (Post) (Gallery)

Korean Model:

Kang Yoo Lee (Post) (Gallery)

Korean Model:

Choi Yu Jung (Post) (Gallery)

Korean Model:

Park Si Hyun (Post) (Gallery)

Korean Model:

Song Jina (Post) (Gallery)

Korean Model:

Im Ji Hye (Post) (Gallery)

Korean Model:

Han Chae I (Post) (Gallery)

Korean Model:

Ju Da Ha (Post) (Gallery)

More Photos Of Korean Models Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

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  1. Would be nice next time to source if you use the photos from my blog and Xeno.
    Though we do not own the photos, we still spot them and post them.
    Anyway, Redflava is a nice site.

  2. Nuno

    omg, choi seul gi looks especially cute there. :D

  3. Hwang Mi Hee looks so foxy in the first photo. ;)

  4. jade

    dont like ju da ha and kang yoo lee’s hairstyles. >-<

  5. angel

    some beautiful dresses.

  6. Robert

    I just came back from Bangkok Motor show, so many beautiful ladies. I see that it is the same in Seoul. Even most of those girls are not professional.

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