8 Jan ’11

Asia Model Festival Awards 2011

Asia Model Festival Awards 2011 started at the beginning of this month in South Korea. In the Race Queen category, several of our familiar Korean models are on the list. It is the first time we have ever posted any videos of Korean race queens, now we can finally see some movement and find out what the girls are like in real life.

The models in the following featured pictures and videos are: Park Si Hyun 박시현, Hwang Mi Hee 황미희, Ju Da Ha 주다하, Kim Ha Yul 김하율, Kim Na Hyun 김나현, Choi Seul Ki 최슬기, Ryu Ji Hye 류지혜, Lee Sung Hwa 이성화, Kim Yoo Yeon 김유연. My favourite model of this list is beautiful and sexy Park Si Hyun. You can vote for your favourite Korean race queen at this site. Enjoy the videos and photos!

Korean Race Queen:

Park Si Hyun (Post) (Gallery)

More Photos Of Korean Race Queens Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

Korean Race Queen:

Hwang Mi Hee (Post) (Gallery)

Korean Race Queen:

Ju Da Ha (Post) (Gallery)

Korean Race Queen:

Kim Ha Yul (Post) (Gallery)

Korean Race Queen:

Kim Na Hyun (Kim Na Hyeon)

Korean Race Queen:

Choi Seul Gi (Post) (Gallery)

Korean Race Queen:

Ryu Ji Hye (Post) (Gallery)

Korean Race Queen:

Lee Sung Hwa (Gallery)

Korean Race Queen:

Kim Yoo Yeon (Kim You Youn)

More Photos from the 2011 Asia Model Festival Awards

Park Si Hyun

Kim Na Hyun

Choi Seul Gi

Kim Ha Yul

Ryu Ji Hye

Lee Sung Hwa

Kim Yoo Yeon

More Photos Of Korean Race Queens Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

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  1. Park Si Hyun’s video is so kawaii! *^_^* Hwang Mi Hee sounds familiar, and I’ve just found out Choi Seul Ki’s voice is so sweet.

  2. Hwang Mi Hee and Kim Na Hyun sounds old. Why don’t Korean race queens ever reveal their ages?

  3. hoshi

    never heard of Asia Model Festival Awards before, but it looks interesting and HOT. Who else are up for the awards besides korean race queens?

    btw, Lee Sung Hwa is super sexy. Her dress and boots are ace! :)

  4. Plipper

    Park Si Hyun rocks xx

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