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8 Oct ’11

Hot Asian Girls Today – 8.10.2011

Hot Asian girls today 8.10.2011, which girl or photo is your favourite?

Hot Girl: CC
Origin: China

Hot Girl: Unknown
Origin: China

Hot Girl: So Yeon Yang 소연양
Origin: South Korea

Hot Girl: Jung Seon 정세온
Origin: South Korea

Hot Girl: Saila
Origin: China

Hot Girl: Yu Qing 雨晴
Origin: China

Hot Girl: Unknown
Origin: China

Hot Girl: DYT
Origin: China

Hot Girl: MiKooo
Origin: China

Hot Girl: Chen Xiao Ying (Kristy) 陈小颖
Born: 11.10.1989
Origin: China

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Written by: Nia
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  1. Casuality

    This isn’t fair :) ive always felt chinese and korean women were the most beautiful in the world anyhow you didn’t give thailand or japan a shot but CC was the best and So Yeon Yang really like that pic.

  2. lee

    So Yeon and MiKooo are the cutest there.

  3. Casuality

    lol well NOW the first pic is my favorite i’ll add Saila is very pretty as well.

  4. Jin

    im gonna **** CC ass >: D

  5. Shuai Ge

    The first photo with CC gets my vote as the best, Nemon really is one of the top photographers in China.

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