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15 Oct ’11

Hot Asian Girls Today – 15.10.2011

Hot Asian girls today 15.10.2011, which girl or photo is your favourite?

Hot Girl: Konona Shiba 柴小聖
Born: 14.2.1988
Origin: Japan

Hot Girl: DYT
Origin: China

Hot Girl: CC
Origin: China

Hot Girl: Jo Sang Hi 조상히
Origin: South Korea

Hot Girl: Yu Qing 雨晴
Origin: China

Hot Girl: Kashiwagi Yuki 柏木由紀
Born: 15.7.1991
Origin: Japan

Hot Girl: So Yeon Yang 소연양
Origin: South Korea

Hot Girl: Mima Ryoko 美馬怜子
Born: 27.5.1984
Origin: Japan

Hot Girl: Jung Se On 정세온
Origin: South Korea

Hot Girl: Unknown
Origin: Asia

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Written by: Nia
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  1. anony

    perfect picks! got all kinds of beauties. :D

  2. YP

    love all the japanese babes there

  3. Shuai Ge

    That’s a great picture of Yu Qing isn’t it, sure get’s my vote as best picture, though DYT is a better model overall for sure.

  4. Annabel

    The last girl is SO cute! ^_^

  5. Casuality

    So Yeon Yang has been looking great in her pics lately.

  6. angel

    who is that girl with the black glasses her eyes are massively big

  7. Good photos.very sexy

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