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3 Aug ’11

Top Asian Models – August 2011

Aki Hoshino – Kang Yoo Lee – Wang Ruo Yi

More pictures at the bottom of the post & at our gallery : Red Flava Gallery

Number 1: Aki Hoshino 星野亜希 

More Photos Of Aki Hoshino Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

Aki Hoshino Info

Other Name(s): Hoshino Aki
Origin: Tokyo, Japan
Born: 14 March, 1977
Height: 165cm
Weight: 47kg
Measurements: 35F-22-34
Occupation: bikini idol, actress

Number 2: Kang Yoo Lee 강유이

More Photos Of Kang Yoo Lee Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

Kang Yoo Lee Info

Other Name(s): Kang Yui
Origin: South Korea
Born: 16 December, 1982
Height: 178cm
Weight: 53kg
Measurements: 34-25-36
Occupation: model, race queen

Number 3: Wang Ruo Yi 王若伊

More Photos Of Wang Ruo Yi Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

Wang Ruo Yi Info

Other Name(s): Wang Ruoyi, Royi
Origin: Zhumadian, China
Born: 6 February, 1988
Height: 165cm
Weight: 44kg
Measurements: 32D-23-34
Occupation: model

More Pictures

Aki Hoshino

Kang Yoo Lee

Wang Ruo Yi

Lots more pictures can be found at our gallery : Red Flava Gallery

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  1. ginger

    aki hoshino is cute and sexy. yui has a mature look and wang ruo yi is so lovely. :D

  2. 741

    hoshino for the win!!!!!!

  3. 2more

    japanese girls used to be so pretty, they aint getting prettier these days why? instead korean n now china girls is beating them up, i think they got too much mixed with white that turn them uglier, making their mouth bigger

  4. sep

    like all of them

  5. Oswaldo

    I love Aki Hoshino. She is awesome

  6. goten

    I love Aki Hoshino, because I always … when I saw her

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