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25 Mar ’11

Hot Asian Girls Today – 25.3.2011

Hot Asian girls today 25.3.2011, do you have a favourite girl or photo?

Hot Girl: Gu Yi Yun 顧依韻
Born: 14.4.1990
Origin: China

Hot Girl: Feng Yu Zhi 冯雨芝
Origin: China

Hot Girl: Guai Guai 拐拐
Origin: Unknown

Hot Girl: Pan Pan Pan Pan 潘潘潘潘
Born: 21.12
Origin: China

Hot Girl: Chang Yi Jiao 常一娇
Born: 16.6
Origin: China

Hot Girl: Ban Jia Jia 班嘉佳
Born: 16.2
Origin: China

Hot Girl: Hwang Jung Jin
Origin: South Korea

Hot Girl: Kwon Su Jeong
Origin: South Korea

Hot Girl: Unknown
Origin: China

Hot Girl: Min Soo Ah 민수아
Origin: South Korea

Hot Girl: Zhai Yu Han (Vicky) 翟玉涵
Origin: China

Hot Girl: Han Ga Eun 한가은
Born: 19.10.1986
Origin: South Korea

Hot Girl: Yuan Ting Ting 袁婷婷
Born: 23.10.1991
Origin: China

Hot Girl: Zee
Born: 14.11
Origin: China

Hot Girl: Jia Ning (JustNn) 贾宁
Born: 28.4
Origin: China

Note – Click Here For More Photos Of Hot Asian Girls

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  1. winson

    all are beautiful and sexy. <3

  2. I like Zhai Yu Han a lot. Looking forward to seeing more photos of her. :)

  3. sean

    some really cute girls there.

  4. All of the girls are adorable, but I am more interested in the first girl Gu Yi Yun, Pan Pan Pan Pan and of course, Kwon Su Jeong (stunning face). *^_^*

  5. de al

    hwang jung jin is absolutely beautiful and cute. a lot of people say she looks weird, but i dont think so at all.

  6. gabrielle

    nice models. all nice. :D

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