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26 Nov ’11

Hot Asian Girls Today – 26.11.2011

Hot Asian girls today 26.11.2011, which girl or photo is your favourite?

Hot Girl: Ma Yuan 马原
Born: 21.10.1990
Origin: China

Hot Girl: Yu Jiao Yang 余骄阳
Origin: China

Hot Girl: Yukie Kawamura 川村ゆきえ
Born: 23.1.1986
Origin: Japan

Hot Girl: CJY
Origin: China

Hot Girl: LYN
Origin: China

Hot Girl: LYN
Origin: China

Hot Girl: Jung Se On 정세온
Origin: South Korea

Hot Girl: Serina 芹那
Born: 19.5.1985
Origin: Japan

Hot Girl: Nakata Aya 中田彩, Nishihara Ikuko 西原郁子
Born: 5,10.1975, 22.7.1985
Origin: Japan

Hot Girl: Mayu Watanabe 渡辺麻友
Born: 26.3.1994
Origin: Japan

Hot Girl: Miu Nakamura 仲村みう
Born: 14.3.1991
Origin: Japan

Hot Girl: Aki Takajo 高城亜紀
Born: 3.10.1991
Origin: Japan

Hot Girl: Hwang Ga Hi 황가히
Origin: South Korea

Hot Girl: MBY
Origin: China

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  1. jesse

    ma yuan is a special girl
    i can tell shes different than others

  2. wiinter

    More pls! Love hot picks. ;)

  3. pankei

    i’m liking the new girl yu jiao yang.

  4. 741

    Ma Yuan & CJY beat the other girls

  5. Dhop

    Don’t care Aki Takajo is the best (mhmmmm)…

  6. lc

    Hot!!!!I like CJY the best.

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