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24 Dec ’11

Hot Asian Girls Today – 24.12.2011

Hot Asian girls today 24.12.2011, which girl or photo is your favourite?

Hot Girl: Liu Shi Xuan (Vanessa) 刘诗璇
Born: 12.10.1991
Origin: China

Hot Girl: Yi Mo (Qdy) 依墨
Born: 12.7
Origin: China

Hot Girl: Horii Mizuki 堀井美月
Born: 21.4.1986
Origin: Japan

Hot Girl: Chihiro Akiba 秋葉ちひろ
Born: 26.6.1988
Origin: Japan

Hot Girl: Feng Run Qian (Felicia) 冯润倩
Born: 13.5.1993
Origin: China

Hot Girl: Lu Jing 吕晶
Born: 15.3.1988
Origin: China

Hot Girl: Ai Shinozaki 篠崎愛
Born: 26.2.1992
Origin: Japan

Hot Girl: An Rui Tian 安瑞甜
Born: 13.2.1989
Origin: China

Hot Girl: Lin Xiao Nuo 林筱诺
Born: 22.12.1990
Origin: China

Hot Girl: Manami Marutaka 丸高愛実
Born: 2.6.1990
Origin: Japan

Hot Girl: Li Xuan 黎萱
Born: 30.6
Origin: China

Hot Girl: Yuan Xue (Shirley) 袁雪
Born: 8.2
Origin: Hong Kong

Hot Girl: Gu Pan Pan 顾盼盼
Origin: China

Hot Girl: Yukie Kawamura 川村ゆきえ
Born: 23.1.1986
Origin: Japan

Hot Girl: Izumi Hinata 日向泉
Born: 9.4.1990
Origin: Japan

Hot Girl: Minah 민아
Origin: South Korea

Hot Girl: Xu Yan 徐妍
Origin: China

Hot Girl: Eun Bin Yang 은빈양
Origin: South Korea

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  1. winson

    Liu Shi Xuan is stunning. :D

  2. cc

    many hot girls, Horii Mizuki wow!!!!

  3. huki

    yi mo = my girl ^_^

  4. jim

    another very hot photo from lu jing :D this girl is so sexy and irresistible.

  5. John

    Korean’s pose look’s weird

  6. Dhop

    mum or we can adopt one of these charming girls

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