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22 Dec ’11

Hot Asian Girls Today – 22.12.2011

Hot Asian girls today 22.12.2011, which girl or photo is your favourite?

Hot Girl: Ai Shinozaki 篠崎愛
Born: 26.2.1992
Origin: Japan

Hot Girl: Lu Jing 吕晶
Born: 15.3.1988
Origin: China

Hot Girl: Winnie
Born: 9.8
Origin: China

Hot Girl: An Rui Tian 安瑞甜
Born: 13.2.1989
Origin: China

Hot Girl: Chihiro Akiba 秋葉ちひろ
Born: 26.6.1988
Origin: Japan

Hot Girl: Seo You Jin 서유진
Origin: South Korea

Hot Girl: Minah 민아
Origin: South Korea

Hot Girl: Yurika Kurosawa 黒澤ゆりか
Born: 14.10.1988
Origin: Japan

Hot Girl: Amina Sato 佐藤亜美菜
Born: 16.10.1990
Origin: Japan

Hot Girl: Yuan Xue (Shirley) 袁雪
Born: 8.2
Origin: Hong Kong

Hot Girl: Xiao Yu 晓宇
Origin: China

Hot Girl: Wang Hui 王晖
Origin: China

Hot Girl: Unknown
Origin: China

Hot Girl: Han Song I 한송이
Origin: South Korea

Hot Girl: Liu You Qi (Sevenbaby) 柳侑绮
Born: 16.4.1992
Origin: China

Hot Girl: Ai Bi Li 艾比利
Origin: China

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  1. zoey

    hot hot hot

  2. ps

    Lu Jing’s photo is very sexy

  3. 741

    why do people like ai shinozaki? for her breast implant? hmmmmmmm

  4. aure

    yuan xue seems so mysterious and interesting. she doesnt look too chinese :P

  5. Budi

    Shirley’s photo is very hot hot…

  6. Dhop

    there are too many hot, cute girls (Love u all)

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