27 Jan ’11

Celeb Tweets – Sora Aoi & Jolin Tsai

Celebrity Tweets Today: Sora Aoi

  • “Hello, Chinese friends, today I’m going to tell everyone a piece of good news. To repay Chinese netizens’ support, I’ve made a Chinese song for everyone. Follow my Sina Weibo, and I’ll tell you the latest news as soon as possible. Thank you. (*´v`)” (07:07 17/01/2011)

Original Tweet: 中国的朋友大家好,今天我要告大家一个好消息。了答中国网友的支持、我大家制了一首中文曲。大家注我的新浪微博,我也会第一告知大家相的最新消息。よろしくね(*´v`) (苍井空的微博)

  • “Good evening everyone! I’m learning Chinese. (*´v`) ‘zh’’s pronunciation is difficult. (´・_・`) How to pronounce it? (; ̄ェ ̄)” (19:06 13/01/2011)

Original Tweet: 大家晚上好!我在学中文(*´v`) “zh”の発音が難しい(´・_・`)『这个字怎么读』的”这个字”(; ̄ェ ̄) (苍井空的微博)

Source: Sora Aoi’s Sina Weibo (China’s Twitter)

Celebrity Tweets Today: Jolin Tsai

  • “Shooting a video, a good companion to pass time, (is) Feilei bubble gum, grape flavour, safe kiss, hehe.” (12:57 12/01/2011)

Original Tweet: 拍片 打發時間的好夥伴 飛壘泡泡糖 葡萄口味 安全之吻 嘻嘻 (蔡依林的微博)

  • “Hahaha, quite correct, few people use ‘’white” to describe me, cried. (12:33 08/01/2011) (Retweet: You’re much whiter next to him, also cuter too, hahaha.)

Original Tweet: 哈哈哈 相當正確 很少人用"白"來形容我 哭了 (蔡依林的微博) (转发 在他旁邊妳白很多也比較可愛 哈哈哈)

Source: Jolin Tsai’s Sina Weibo (China’s Twitter)

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  1. Sora Aoi is so cute, did she take those pictures herself? It’s awesome for Jolin to work with Usher!

  2. Go Jolin!!!! *^_^*

  3. Sora Aoi is such a sweet girl.

  4. ginger

    Jolin Tsai is so cute.

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