24 Jan ’11

Celeb Tweets – Selina Jen & Yu Hao Ming

Celebrity Tweets Today: Selina Jen

  • “Been home for the fourth day now! Sharing with everyone the recovery table I recorded myself, writing is also a kind of recovery! Appreciated sisters’ (friends’) accompany, giving me boundless courage and comfort when I felt torn apart during my skin grafting surgery, really making my recovery path less unbearable! If you also have friends who are striving to recover for the future, don’t forget to cheer them up and encourage them often! P.S. Working hard together with Hao Ming who is also recovering! ” (14:25 22/01/2011)

Original Tweet: 回家第四天了!跟大家分享我自己記錄的復建表 書寫也是種復建呢!感謝姐妹們這幾天的陪伴,在我拉扯皮感覺撕裂時給我無窮盡的鼓勵及安慰真的讓復建之路沒那麼難熬呢!如果你身邊也有正在為未來努力復建的朋友,別忘記要常常替他加油打氣喔!p.s.也正在復建的灝明一起加油喔! (Selina的微博)

  • “Am I really luckier than you? I am really luckier than you!” (11:03 22/11/2010)

Original Tweet: 我真的比你們幸運?我真的比你們幸運! (Selina的微博)

Source: Selina Jen’s Sina Weibo (China’s Twitter)

Celebrity Tweets Today: Yu Hao Ming

  • “[1/2] 61 days ago, under Ruijin treatment team’s fully rescue, I successfully went through a dangerous 72-hour difficulty from an unexpected accident. (I’d like to) express (my) heartfelt gratitude to everyone on this Christmas Eve. Appreciated the concern from Ruijin Hospital’s treatment team, Hunan TV, Tianyu Media and leaders of the ‘I Have a Date with Spring’ film crew, appreciated the concern from friends around me, the media and fans, thank heaven! I’m alright at the moment, ” (21:36 24/12/2010)

Original Tweet: [1/2]61天前, 在瑞金医疗团队的全力救治下,突逢意外的我顺利渡过了危险的72小时. 至今已顺利完成第一阶段的治疗. 借平安夜之机向大家表达由衷的感谢. 感谢瑞金医院的的医疗团队, 湖南卫视、天娱传媒和春天剧组的领导关怀, 感谢身边朋友的关心, 感谢媒体朋友的关注和歌迷朋友的关爱, 感谢上苍! 目前我一切向好, (俞灏明的微博)

  • “[2/2] Been in active recovery treatment. Hope Selina recover quickly, (wish) Ren father, Ren mother (Selina’s parents) good health. Work hard together! Happy Christmas!!!” (21:36 24/12/2010)

Original Tweet: [2/2]正在积极的康复治疗中. 希望Selina尽快康复, 任爸任妈身体健康. 一起加油吧! 圣诞快乐!!! (俞灏明的微博)

Source: Yu Hao Ming’s Sina Weibo (China’s Twitter)

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