21 Mar ’11

Celeb Tweets – Pace Wu & Zhao Wei

Celebrity Tweets Today: Pace Wu

  • “March 18, Retro part 2, yellow and purple polka dot shirt, high-waist purple tight skirt. I love retro style. ” (19:11 18/03/2011)

Original Tweet: 3月18號 復古第二彈,黃色紫色波點襯衫、高腰紫色窄裙。我愛復古風~ (吴佩慈的微博)

  • “Really like The Oriental Pearl Tower (Shanghai’s TV tower), can it be that its colour is peach?! Hehe, going back to hometown Wuxi after breakfast, fellow Wuxi people, see you in the afternoon! heart tweets” (08:23 18/03/2011)

Original Tweet: 很喜歡東方明珠塔,莫非是因為它是粉桃紅色的?!呵呵,吃完早飯就要回老家無錫了,老鄉們,下午見啦! heart tweets (吴佩慈的微博)

Source: Pace Wu’s Sina Weibo (China’s Twitter)

Celebrity Tweets Today: Zhao Wei

  • “Feel like it’s actually Sunday, energetic in the house, very warm, ready to watch a film, comfortable! ” (12:55 20/03/2011)

Original Tweet: 有过星期天的感觉,家里闹哄哄,很暖,准备看片,舒服! (赵薇的微博)

  • “Being able to grow old with everyone, is a romantic thing! Hehe.” (18:45 18/03/2011)

Original Tweet: 能和大家一起变老,是件浪漫滴事儿!呵呵~ (赵薇的微博)

Source: Zhao Wei’s Sina Weibo (China’s Twitter)


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  1. huki

    beautiful Pace Wu!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D

  2. iheartu

    pace wu surely has a good body.

  3. kk

    after so many years, its good to see zhao wei is still in shape. ;)

  4. yuki

    i love retro style too. ^^

  5. yuki

    yay, i have something in common with pace wu. haha.

  6. Gerry Kramper

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