21 Jan ’11

Celeb Tweets – Jackie Chan & Angelababy

Celebrity Tweets Today: Jackie Chan

  • “Two days ago I was invited to American President Obama’s White House State Dinner for welcoming our president Hu Jintao’s visit. It meant a lot to me to be able to attend it with President Hu, I felt greatly honoured. When President Obama met me, he held my hand saying “I’m your fan too, you are very popular in America, especially among kids”. Haha, so happy to hear it.” (23:04 21/01/2011)

Original Tweet: 前两天我受美国总统奥巴马之邀,参加了欢迎咱们胡锦涛主席访美的白宫国宴。能和胡主席共同出席对我来说非常有意义,我感到无比荣幸。奥巴马总统见到我时握着我的手说:”我也是你的粉丝,你在美国非常受欢迎,尤其是小孩子更喜欢你.”哈哈听到这个真开心。(成龙的微博)

Jackie Chan Sina Twitter Photos 1 tweets

  • “In this film “Shaolin”, everyone will see a different me who can practise kungfu but doesn’t, giving the chance to Wah Zai (Andy Lau) and Ting-fung (Nicholas Tse). For a singing play, you can watch me; for kungfu part, you can watch Wah Zai; for dangerous stunts, you can watch Ting-fung. So when these two are working so hard, I’ll start singing. Haha.” (00:46 14/01/2011)

Original Tweet: 《新少林寺》这部电影,大家会看到一个会打功夫不打的我,让给华仔和霆锋,看文戏呢就看我,看功夫就看华仔,看危险动作就看霆锋,所以他们两个这么拼命的时候,我就开始唱歌了,哈哈。(成龙的微博)

Second from the left: Jackie Chan, Middle: Andy Lau, Second from the right: Nicholas Tse.

Source: Jackie Chan’s Sina Weibo (China’s Twitter)

Celebrity Tweets Today: Angelababy

  • “Last night came back to hotel after work, lingered a little, found a purple Kitty watch, was excited for a while. This must be a Christmas present. : ) was too busy to open… liked it! Thanks!” (15:52 20/01/2011)

Original Tweet: 昨晚收工回酒店,墨迹了会儿,发现紫色kitty手表,兴奋了会儿,这应该是圣诞礼物吧:)忙得一直没时间拆。。。喜欢!谢了!(Angelababy的微博)

  • “Today the important news (I’m) going to announce is…I am a boss now@ mininail is my shop! (It’s my first time) started an enterprise, friends, support me? Everyone is welcome to my shop to do nails.” (17:33 09/01/2011)

Original Tweet: 今天要宣布的重要消息是。。。。我做老板娘了@美甲最前线mininail 就是我的店哦!首次创业,朋友们,支持我吗?欢迎大家来我店里做指甲哦!(Angelababy的微博)

Source: Angelababy’s Sina Weibo (China’s Twitter)

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