14 Feb ’11

Celeb Tweets – Gillian Chung & Show Luo

Celebrity Tweets Today: Gillian Chung

  • “I’m so brave, didn’t apply makeup, looking so tired but still let you test (your camera). But your photography skills are really good, zan (commend, praise).” (14:04 12/02/2011) (Retweet: Bumped into Gillian at night, she inevitably became my camera testing model.)

Original Tweet: 我真夠大瞻 又沒化妝樣子又累都給你試驗 不過你拍攝技術真好 讚 (阿娇gillian的微博) (转发 是夜偶遇@阿嬌gillian ,无可避免成为我测试相机的模特。)

  • “Today rushed about, so tired, I’m still coughing, my throat felt itchy when singing just now, couldn’t hear the music at all when I lowered my voice, because… someone lay down on top of the loudspeaker and watched, haha, so funny.” (01:47 11/02/2011)

Original Tweet: 今天東奔西跑 好累喔 還在咳嗽的我 剛才唱歌時喉嚨癢癢的 唱放低過去的時候完成听不到音樂 因為…… 有人整個人趴了在喇叭上看 哈哈 太搞笑了 (阿娇gillian的微博)

Source: Gillian Chung’s Sina Weibo (China’s Twitter)

Celebrity Tweets Today: Show Luo

  • “My new style today, namely revealing forehead…don’t doubt, it’s handsome!” (15:11 13/02/2011)

Original Tweet: 我今天的新造型~就是把額頭露出來….不要懷疑就是帥啦!(罗志祥的微博)

  • “Today there were so many people in Taichung! More than (when I was promoting) Rashomon (Show Luo’s seventh Mandarin album)! My mood is really happy! Thank you! Really sorry to friends in Taoyuan City, because more friends came to Taichung than expected! Making you wait for an hour! But I’ve finished autographing! Happy! Because I am…” (03:09 13/02/2011)

Original Tweet: 今天台中人真的好多好多喔!比羅生門的時候還多!心情真的很開心!謝謝你們喔!桃園的朋友真的很不好意思~因為台中來的朋友比預計的還多!所以害你們等一個小時!但我都簽完了!開心!因為我是~~~~ (罗志祥的微博)

Source: Show Luo’s Sina Weibo (China’s Twitter)

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  1. Emma

    Gillian Chung is still so hot, no, even hotter! Haha. :D

  2. 姿


  3. She definitely is.
    But wouldn’t you know that she is celebrity – you could confuse her with thousands of girls on QQ :-)

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