15 Mar ’11

Celeb Tweets – Dee Hsu & Kevin Tsai

Celebrity Tweets Today: Dee Hsu

  • “No matter what you have in your body? You’re always the Selina in my heart, the beautiful and cute Selina! Even if fragile, even if painful, you’re still the Selina we love most!” (22:38 05/03/2011)

Original Tweet: 不管你身上有什麼?你都是我心中的selina,美麗的可愛的selina!就算脆弱、就算痛苦,你都還是我們最愛的selina! (小S的微博)

  • “Taiwanese Apply Daily newspaper published an apology announcement yesterday, giving back my husband justice at last! (about domestic violence rumours)” (22:45 01/03/2011)

Original Tweet: 台灣蘋果日報昨天登了道歉啟事,總算還我老公一個公道! (小S的微博)

Source: Dee Hsu’s Sina Weibo (China’s Twitter)

Celebrity Tweets Today: Kevin Tsai

  • “Ah! Mr. Black Bird…slightly fat…” (16:22 14/03/2011)

Original Tweet: 啊!黑鳥先生。。。。微胖了。。。。。 (蔡康永的微博)

  • “Since I already have a life, I will be certain of losing it, then what reason do I have, not to excessively love it? …[Kang Yong (Kevin’s Chinese name)~a goodwill short message to the cruel society]…(picture: Willy Ronis)” (22:52 12/03/2011)

Original Tweet: 我既已经拥有生命,我也一定会失去它,那我还有什麽理由,不极度的爱它?。。。。【康永~给残酷社会的善意短信】 …………( 圖:WILLY RONIS) (蔡康永的微博)

Source: Kevin Tsai’s Sina Weibo (China’s Twitter)


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  1. DH

    Dee Hsu’s photos and ads are the best!!!!!

  2. jean

    since when does kevin always carry a bird on his shoulder in the show?

  3. ps

    the last picture is ace.

  4. taz

    stunning Dee Hsu! :D

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