5 Feb ’11

Celeb Tweets – Charlene Choi & Leehom Wang

Celebrity Tweets Today: Charlene Choi

  • “Continue to enjoy holiday in the second day of the Chinese New Year.. Continue to play games with the sunshine.. What have you been up to? Have you received many red packets? Hehe..” (16:39 04/02/2011)

Original Tweet: 初二繼續享受假期中..繼續和陽光玩遊戲..你們又在做什麼呢?有沒有逗了很多紅包呢?嘻嘻.. (蔡卓妍的微博)

  • “See off the old and welcome the new..Bunny Sa (Charlene Choi’s nickname) wishes all of you healthy and happy, May everything goes well and all your wishes come true, whatever you do (you do it) with high proficiency and make greater progress! Congratulations!” (01:09 03/02/2011)

Original Tweet: 送舊迎新..兔sa祝願各位新的一年身體健康,萬事如意,心想事成,開開心心,做什麼都得心應手,更上一層樓!恭喜恭喜!(蔡卓妍的微博)

Source: Charlene Choi’s Sina Weibo (China’s Twitter)

Celebrity Tweets Today: Leehom Wang

  • “Happy New Year! Wish you in the coming year: Happy, content, lucky, successful, all wishes come true! HAPPY NEW YEAR ‘TU’ (rabbit) YOU!!!!! Preparing red packets for everyone, good fortune will come!!!” (20:53 04/02/2011)

Original Tweet: 新年快樂! 祝你在新的一年裡: 快樂,幸福,幸運,平安,心想事成,萬事如意! HAPPY NEW YEAR “兔” YOU!!!!! 包紅包送大家,福到來!!!~ (王力宏的微博)

  • “Don’t work these days, don’t have work! Even if (I) want to work, no one will work with me, haha! Forcing me to rest is actually quite good. Notice that these days Weibo users have decreased, comments have decreased too, are you all charging yourself just like me? ” (00:57 01/02/2011)

Original Tweet: 這幾天不工作,也沒工作!就算想工作,也沒人會陪我工作,哈哈!強迫我休息,其實蠻好的。發現這幾天微博用戶者也變少了,評論也變少了,你們是不是和我一樣都在充電?(王力宏的微博)

Source: Leehom Wang’s Sina Weibo (China’s Twitter)

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  1. Is Leehom Wang a workaholic?

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