17 Jan ’11

Estrella Lin – Sexy Red Bunny Woman

Estrella Lin 林韦伶, aka Lin Wei Ling, former member of the Taiwanese girl group 3EP, has now turned into a sexy red bunny woman for the Lunar New Year in Taiwan. Estrella said that a gifted fortuneteller told her red would be the lucky colour for her in 2011.

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30-year-old Estrella Lin is one of the Asian artists who were involved in the “Slave Contract Scandal” in South Korea. On August 20th, 2010, Estrella published a book claiming that she was asked to “sexually” entertain investors in exchanged of her debut in Korea.

In the book, Estrella detailed the 3-year “prison life” she had endured. Estrella also revealed that she was almost forced to “trade” her body to the Korean investors like many other Korean artists. According to Estrella, “Slave Contract” is an unwritten rule in Korea’s entertainment industry.

Estrella’s claim has yet to be testified. This hot red bunny outfit has proved Estrella’s determination to get back on track and continue her showbiz career in Taiwan.

Source: SZNews

More Pictures of Estrella Lin

More Photos Of Asian Celebs Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

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  1. After the slave contract scandal, I thought Estrella Lin would disappear from the entertainment industry entirely. But she still seems quite active for now. :O

  2. lil

    I wanna buy her book.

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