13 Aug ’11

Stories From Models – Summer’s Regret

Since I have worked with a lot of models before I thought it might be a cool idea to post some of the crazy stories I’ve heard from girls in the Asian modelling industry. I’ve translated the following detailed story from one of my friends in Hong Kong and asked her if I could post it. To keep her identity secret I’ll refer to her as “Ann”.

Ann’s Story: I had decided to visit an old friend “Amy” over the weekend with my boyfriend “Mike”. Amy was one of my best friends from school, but had moved across to the Mainland to work in her uncle’s company. She was very beautiful and tall. People used to call us twins because we looked very similar and we were both the tallest in our year.

We used to be really close but like many friendships, distance had diminished our relationship. I had hardly seen her after high school graduation, so I was very excited to see her again. The hotel we stayed at wasn’t very close to Amy’s apartment. After having a meal, I convinced her to go back to our hotel room to talk some more. Before we knew it, it was extremely late and we were all a bit tipsy and so I thought she could just stay over in our hotel.

We had a big bed with me sleeping in the middle, Amy on my right and Mike on my left, however I wasn’t sleepy at all. I was still excited to see Amy again, so I started to ask her about her love life. We chatted for about 20 more minutes, until I found out that Amy had a boyfriend but didn’t love him. I was surprised and asked her what she thought about me and Mike. She said that Mike was really cute and I was very lucky. This made me want to tease her and Mike somehow.

I thought about testing how far Mike and I would go. The more I thought about it, the more excited I became. I started to snuggle up to Amy and slowly moved her hand to Mike’s chest who was sleeping. Amy quickly moved her hand away whilst pouting and turned her body to the other side.

While I was a bit discouraged by Amy’s reaction, I was still feeling naughty. Mike sleepily turned towards me and grabbed my ass. He must have been half asleep and he started to touch me up more, my neck, my breast, my stomach and… I couldn’t hold back the urge to moan anymore. Mike suddenly woke up and Amy also turned round. She asked us what we were doing.

I tried to hold Amy’s hand again, but she was grabbing the quilt tightly. She asked again what we were doing. I moaned once more when I felt Mike’s fingers creep up my leg. Amy kept saying my name but I must have been too drowsy.

I felt so good down there. I couldn’t think straight. I climbed on Mike and started to kiss his lips. It was a weird feeling to be watched so closely but I enjoyed it a lot. It was our first time to have such an intimate moment watched by someone else. Amy was right there watching us having sex. She didn’t turn away or say anything. I remember I started to have thoughts about Amy having sex with Mike instead, while I was watching. This led to me suddenly kissing Amy whilst on top of Mike. She was surprised but she didn’t push me away. I vividly remember saying “Amy, do you want to…” and looking directly into her eyes.

I’m sure she knew what I was thinking. I got off Mike and slowly kissed Amy’s lips. Mike watched us, with a dreamlike expression. I started to touch Amy’s leg and then the rest of the night was a blur of bodies intertwined. I don’t know if it was the excitement, the alcohol, or my old feelings for Amy, but I enjoyed it, and Amy did too. I watched her having sex with Mike, though it was a bit awkward and it brought up a lot of mixed feelings of excitement and fear inside of me. At the beginning of our relationship I was actually extremely jealous of Mike being interested in any other girls, but something about my interest in Amy made me feel more comfortable.

After a while I think Amy started to think about her boyfriend, she became uncomfortable. She had told me before that he was very in love with her, but she didn’t really love him at all, which is why I thought it was ok to push her to have our experience. I was so wrong. Maybe because of guilt, I’m not sure, I’ve never asked her, but she suddenly got up and said she had to leave.

I pleaded her to stay and not go out at 4am at night all the way home, but she looked distressed and I didn’t think we should force her.

I thought she would be ok, that she would keep it a secret, and that she wouldn’t continue her relationship with her boyfriend since she didn’t love him anyway. I tried calling Amy that weekend, but she didn’t pick up. I guessed she couldn’t face us, so we ended up going back to Hong Kong without seeing her again.

A few months later I got a phone call from Amy, she was sobbing. She had told her boyfriend that weekend what had happened, he had gone into a rage and beat her up. They argued crazily for months and then the day before he suddenly committed suicide from the roof of his office. Amy was crying uncontrollably and blamed me at the same time. I’ll never forget her saying “Why did you do all that! Why did you even come to visit me! If you hadn’t come, none of this would have happened! I never want to speak to you again!” I was crying too, I blamed myself completely, she was right, I was selfish, I wanted to try things without thinking about the consequences.

Her boyfriend’s death ended up being attributed to stress at work, other people had also committed suicide at that company before. I wish I could take back what I did, but I can’t and I have to live with the fact that our naivety caused the death of a hardworking man.

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