2 Mar ’11

Wang Jia Yun – Life-size Walking Doll?

17-year-old Chinese female student Wang Jia Yun 王嘉韻 became famous overnight in the Chinese and Korean blogospheres last month. First revealed as a life-size walking doll born in Kowloon, Hong Kong, Wang Jia Yun is actually a normal high school student, currently studying in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China.

Due to her incredible Barbie look, Wang Jia Yun became a top search term amongst many Chinese and especially Korean search engines between February 16th and 17th. With large round eyes, sharp oval face, pointed chin and slender body, Wang Jia Yun was instantly nicknamed “Chong Qi Wa Wa” 充气娃娃 in Chinese, which means blow-up doll in English.

Today, a Chinese media company revealed that Wang Jia Yun is not a blow-up doll, but a normal human being residing in Shenzhen. Wang Jia Yun’s pictures without makeup and photoshop editing were subsequently exposed across the Internet. It was then reported that all of Wang Jia Yun’s doll-like pictures were photoshopped to look like a real-life anime character.

The fact that Wang Jia Yun looks nothing like the photos in real life disappointed many Chinese and Korean netizens. A lot have already started to blame and criticize Wang Jia Yun for creating such a fantasy for male fans. It seems like a new star has already faded not long after it shone.

Wang Jia Yun without makeup

Wang Jia Yun’s pictures without being too photoshopped

However, as a normal high school student, Wang Jia Yun indicated that she just wanted a normal life and repaid her parents by getting into university. To Wang Jia Yun herself, she never really wanted to be a popular public figure. If so, why did Wang Jia Yun bother to photoshop her pictures and share them on her Sina Weibo (China’s Twitter) in the first place? The answer is certainly contradicting.

Source: HJenglish

Wang Jia Yun Info

Other Name(s): Wang Jiayun, Chong Qi Mei 充气妹, Chong Qi Wa Wa, blow-up doll, inflatable girl
Born: Kowloon, Hong Kong
Location: Shenzhen, China
Height: 164cm
Weight: 42kg
Occupation: student

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  1. Is Wang Jia Yun a common name? She looks so familiar, like I’ve seen her somewhere before. How strange! :P

    • Nina

      I don’t get what all the fuss is about this girl. Even in her photoshopped pictures she she doesn’t look any different than the other hundreds of girls with circle lenses and pointed chins. Anyone with half a brain in their heads should have known her pictures weren’t real. Nowadays 9 times out of 10 if an internet girl is hot it’s because she’s either had plastic surgery, used photoshop or is wearing a ton of makeup (probably all 3).

  2. xue

    everyone’s talking about wang jiayun now. I knew she seemed fake. T-T

    • z

      hypothetically if she was real, what would you do? does it really make a difference? she is still across the vast ocean of the internet. What difference would it really make if she didn’t use photoshop.

  3. 741

    sha fa, anyone stealing it?

  4. 741

    waht? aw great~~~

  5. jade

    She just wants fame but apparently denies it. Well… @@

  6. Big Teddy


  7. C3q3q3q

    chinese men need new hope

  8. She is indeed cute. But I don’t think I’d believe the photos are real. If you check through her gallery, she looks too different in some photos. Any girls that are too cute aren’t ‘natural’.

  9. GG

    wake up guys!!

  10. nahnah

    true beauty doesn’t exist.

    • Tombo-san

      So untrue!

      Anyway, she looks really young in these photos…

    • MeiYei

      True beauty does exist. Its in the heart, only to be opened by someone that is right for you, not by someone who only is looking at the outside. Wake up guys, how someone looks on the outside doesn’t contribute to how they’re like on the inside.

      • namen

        i totally agree with MeiYei here…that statement is absolutely correct! beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder…after all!:-)

  11. “Today, a Chinese media company revealed that Wang Jia Yun is not a blow-up doll, but a normal human being residing in Shenzhen.”

    Wow! Who would believe?

  12. Fyre

    Where do I order one?

  13. saji

    the new powerpuff girl!!!!! O_O BIG EYES :D

  14. Onie D

    Boneka Hidup/Living Doll.

  15. i want to meet her and see her true face and she is totally fake!

  16. KatKnap

    Actually, looking at her hair growth, I am not sure she is a she… Take a good look at that first photo.

    • ledor evans

      either she’s a doll or an angel, she’s perfect. she’s god’s greatest creation…a sculpture, a work of art,an obra-maestra.i just can’t put it in words no more.

  17. leiya

    ahhhhhhhhhhhh !!! i don’t know wat 2 say ….

  18. Neither she’s a plastic nor real. She just a young girl in chinese who wana have fun. All of her photos are so entertaining anyway, i think i’d love to meet her someday. LOU

  19. Tomo Huang

    I wanna try stomping on her. She looks like any other inflatable doll…

  20. Ana

    She’s 100% Fake! Take a look at her nose on her other pics, different sizes huh? What the? She’s not contented what God gave to her. Deymm. :( She’s cute even without make up, But she’s too creepy @ her edited pics. Other part of her body like arms, nose ,legs are not proportion compare with her other photos. She need to be true to her self if she want a normal life. And stop being a FAKER!

    • anon

      what anger you have there…it made you very pitiful

      anyway… she is really cute but look so fragile. as if you push her she will break

      almost tiffa :D

  21. chua xinyue

    a doll no matter how well you photoshopped also cannot be compared to fairies in the sky,a doll no matter how beautiful be it a human doll face or a blowup doll would just be a cute doll or an ordinary pretty doll with a lifeless expression and blank stare,if to rate beauty,beauty must be lengendary beautiful like the fairy chang-er that resides in the moon,mooncake festivals are held every year to commerate chang-er,and the lengendery haunting beautiful banana spirit,a doll in terms of beauty is too ordinary, no different from barbie found in toy shops,such poor concept of beauty

  22. I’m really confused…is her photos really photoshoped???
    it seems all real for me T_T””

    maybe she’s too good to be true!! ~
    i want to meet her in person..i wanna clarify things :0

  23. Kevin

    Why doesn’t she ever smile?? She looks dead and fake in all of the pictures.

    • X

      Cause some girls have this idea that if they close their mouth and tilt their head sideways they look more cute and doll-like?

  24. fridz

    she’s way prettier and nicer without her make up…she looks fake with too much make up and photoshopped. Her photoshopped make up is just…too scary

  25. selina

    you can see that the girl on the “no make up/photoshop” pictures, is an different person, like not even photoshop could change people this much.. and on the last no make up picture, she doesnt wear circle lenses so it cant be her because if it would be her she would wear her lenses at least, because she knows that she’s popular so she wouldnt do this.. and IF it would be her, this picture would be 5 years old or something like that.. I mean like seriously, can’t there be beautiful humans without being judged?

    • YP

      agree with you, but those without makeup photos do look like wang jia yun to me. Errr, strange…

    • cinna

      ohhhhh…..you don’t know photoshop…
      How did you think 3D effects in hollywood movies came to be? AutoCAD, photoshop…they can show you a completely different world if you know how to use them. I agree with you on people who look beautiful are judged, but we are not judging her for looking beautiful. We are judging her for trying to fake beautiful when she actually looked more natural before all that time & effort to look creepy.

    • Tina

      No. that is Photoshop and makeup. Photoshop can and does change EVERYTHING…She doesn’t even need it, she’s beautiful without it. I’m not judging her for doing it, she looks like an anime or video game character with it! ^_^ Just wish people would stop being stupid about it. Really, no one looks like that in real life. Most of the time it’s either makeup, plastic surgery, Photoshop, lighting, cameras etc. any or all of the above. Even just with makeup it’s crazy. It’s really amazing what can be done to make already beautiful or normal girls prettier. Keep that in mind.

  26. Bitchplsz!!!

    She looks ok to me :D

  27. photoshop wonders!!! XD

  28. olol

    she looks pretty good in those pics without photoshop too, probably much better than that unreal anime look

  29. FaFa

    nak kata bodo kang marah pulak.

  30. lyly

    fafa,takkan dengki kot?XD

  31. m


    lol but seriously, if you couldn’t tell she photoshops that shit to death, you’re retarded

  32. halo lam kenal
    asli kaga ngerti T_T

    • Lisstar

      raden mohamadmahfudin gx ngarti , y D lyat za ….

      I don’t care is fake or real but i still like her picture ,is really awesome

  33. Well, she certainly looks fake as a doll.

  34. Lain

    lol, kotakoti / Dakota Rose is just as photoshopped, but sadly, not enough people are catching on yet.

    Encyclopedia Dramatica is down, so I cannot load her page. But instead just go to google image search and type in: “kotakoti liar” and “kotakoti fake”. The results are hilarious.

  35. GOOD

    Okay folks, admit it…sometimes Barbie dolls are fun! They don’t HAVE to be just for little kids. And if you’re an sick-o person like me, Barbie-mods can be a heck of a good time!

  36. kate

    cuteness really exist but this face isn’t real….make up did it….
    anyway beauty is in the eyes of the beholder…..:)

  37. cinna

    maybe she should photoshop that mario mustache she’s growing

  38. jim

    how i love the potohope it really dose do Miracles have you seen the one without being too photoshopped i mean shes cute but not that cute i want to see her with out makeup

  39. beatrice

    She’s not fake. She just did some plastic surgery on her face. Then, she puts on makeup. She took photos of herself and she edits them. She’s fair alright, and white… plus with the brilliant editings, she can actually retouch her skin colour with the nude coloured object or a fairer spot or skin to her skin… She don’t smile bcoz she chose a plasty to her lips and mouth that makes her look awkward if she smiles naturally like a human being. Bsides, she’s loving the doll-face poses. And yea, we are all entertained… she’s awesomely cute and we just cant deny it. She also cant put too much pressure on her eyes, bcoz it is fixed to be big and round. And if she wants to have the smile lines on her eyes and a normal natural smile, then she would have to wait longer for a few more years since her plastic surgery done to do that. In addition, she cant pressure her nose bcoz it might hurts her cheekbones. And too, hiding her rhinoplasty scars. And we all know that rhinoplasty-ers cant do the ‘pig nose’ .. source : myself by experiences.

  40. Anri Lovers

    I think beautiful is being herself with fully confidence….

    I cant deny that she as a fake and thats not beautiful means,,,lol

  41. mahfudin (Neta)

    i love you

  42. NGaceng

    Jyan wis ngaceng jere

  43. Cornellya Lim

    Quite disappointed :(
    I really have see her as an idol..
    But no one is perfect though …..
    But her edited, really look like Tifa :)

  44. Adora

    I believe that she really is cute. I don’t know much of her personality, but she’s cute, even without all of the photoshopping. I just wish that she hadn’t become so addicted to it. Once you start looking like a plastic mannequin… you’ve gone just a step too far.

    And about the one dude who said she looked ‘fragile’ and ‘almost like tiffa’, have you played the game? Tiffa is not ‘fragile. Tiffa is like a toned down, not so muscular version of Chun Lee, if she were ‘fragile’ she definitely would’ve died in the first half of that game.

  45. Anna

    OMG i KNEW she was a fake!!!!!! SO photoshopped.

  46. balay

    i love you”

  47. Hannah

    I personally find her a lot more pretty without too much makeup or photoshop.

  48. DarkStar

    Why does everything made in China have to be mostly plastic?

  49. shane

    “Be thankful and be grateful to God for what He has given you”…hmmm.., i feel pity for her !!!

  50. Anonymous

    She is very cute and I love her with or without make up

  51. Anonymous

    She is not creepy nor fake, you girls are just jealous.

  52. Anonymous

    her eyes look like they may pop out, the poor dear..

  53. ~.~

    Why do people have to judge China just based on this single incident?

    We should not give more attention into her. Everybody makes mistakes.

  54. Frederich

    Wow! She is very hot, I like her.

  55. UnknownFact

    Lol comments. Hilarious.

  56. Alchie A. Antallan


  57. Marie Benoit

    I think she looks pretty naturally and the retouched photos look ethereal and whimsical. I dont think there is a problem with that it seems artistic to me just as long as everyone knows its a fantasy!

  58. Sam

    She undergone Surgery.shes an asian.i mean pure blood.her nose are obviously surgery,her jaw,her eyes.even valeria had gone surgery.how much more wa jia hyun!anyway its her life.so i respect her.but others are really lucky to be born beautiful without any surgery..

  59. Jean

    Even her cleavage looks photoshopped… Can’t believe ppl fell for this. The pics look so photoshopped using those dodge/burn tool. lol It’s really easy to photoshop anyone’s face nowadays. Oh well. I think she still looks cute w/o all the photoshopping/makeup.

  60. Bibie

    She looks like she has a mustache

  61. Jesse

    Is she single? I’d love to go out with her or become my wife ;) that be ideal

  62. vincent

    she is cute but someday i don’t want girlfriend or wife like her

  63. J neon

    So so like…………hehe.

  64. Ah…come guys…I know she was a fake,but please…thats her own business not ours,not only her do this things,many of them

  65. Anonymous

    Wow so beautiful

  66. Anonymous

    All I see are a bunch of crying babies.

  67. Megan

    Wang Jia Yun looks pretty without makeup or “normal” makeup. Her less photoshopped pictures are okay too. Kinda interesting that she does this and doesn’t act like she meant it to be a big deal. This cute, doll-like look is popular with east asians. I mean, its a nice look (well to me but I am a woman), but it would be nice to see more edgy, rocker, alternative asian girls circulating the internet. (I know that there are asian girls that are like that. Please some of that too RedFlava/Nia!) This style Wang Jia Yun is trying to emulate is very popular among chinese and korean girls. I don’t see it as often among Japanese women, which is why I like them better and find it easier to identify with them beauty wise. My university has quite a few east asians on campus and I think they are attractive, both the men and women. I wish they didn’t feel like they have to change themselves and that some westerners think they are ugly.

  68. hahaha…….barang china kah….ok apa..wkwkw

  69. akshay

    i too agree with nina

  70. Jeffrey

    I would rather have the real girl. But how much is the doll with shipping to the US, maybe I can play Dr. Frankenstein and bring it to life. ? I really would rather have the girl.

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