11 Apr ’11

Pan Shuang Shuang Reveals Even More

Chinese model-actress Mavis Pan Shuang Shuang 潘霜霜 became an overnight sensation after her bed photos with Hong Kong actor-singer Raymond Lam Fung 林峰 were leaked onto the Internet. When asked about his relationship with Pan Shuang Shuang, Raymond Lam admitted that he previously dated Pan but the two had broken up.

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However, just a few days ago, Pan Shuang Shuang told the media that she and Raymond Lam had not broken up. Pan Shuang Shuang claimed that she would stay in Raymond’s place every time she went to Hong Kong, and Raymond would stay over in her house while filming in Beijing.

“He has never mentioned breaking up with me, he always texts me calling me Lao Po, Lao Po (wife),” Pan Shuang Shuang added. Pan Shuang Shuang also revealed that the two first dated in Raymond’s apartment. She described her first date with the actor, “We lay in bed and chatted through the night. And then we hugged until we felt asleep. This way I don’t think he is indecent. I think he is a good guy.”

Whilst Raymond Lam is still feeling overwhelmed and upset over the whole bed photo scandal and trying to avoid talking too much about it, Pan Shuang Shuang is open to any interviews and questions. When speaking to a Hong Kong magazine, Pan Shuang Shuang even mentioned her sex life with Raymond Lam.

“He is actually quite exhausted after work, (so) we don’t always have to do that. Even though it is essential in a relationship, it isn’t everything…being with him is mostly hugging.” Pan Shuang Shuang added, “For me, I need atmosphere, I can’t have sex if I don’t feel anything.”

When there were rumours about Pan Shuang Shuang’s breast implants, Raymond Lam assured her saying “As long as I know. No matter whether it’s real or not, you don’t need to be worried.” Nevertheless, Pan Shuang Shuang indicated that dating Raymond was stressful because of the pressure from his family, colleagues and even a third party in their relationship.

It is reported that Raymond Lam’s father and co-workers were against his relationship with Pan Shuang Shuang. Raymond’s father even set up three conditions for their relationship: no talking over 15 minutes on the phone, only meeting each other once a month, not letting the paparazzi to take photos of them during dating.

It upset Pan Shuang Shuang a lot when Raymond Lam told the media that the couple had split up. “I have never thought of breaking up with him.” Pan Shuang Shuang added that Raymond promised to announce their relationship on Valentine’s Day. “He promised me many things, but he has never kept his promises. He said he’d announce our relationship, and then we’d get married.”

One rumour circling at the moment is that Pan Shuang Shuang is actually married to a foreigner named only as John. Supposedly they met in a supermarket and got married in 2009. John was apparently helped by famous Malaysian singer-songwriter Eric Moo 巫啟賢, who wrote a love song which John used to propose to Pan Shuang Shuang.

The rumour was spread on a forum and a picture of the two with the foreigner’s son was also uploaded (see picture below). I actually think this is highly unlikely. The picture is either fake or just someone who happened to take a picture with her. It’s probably just a way to make Pan Shuang Shuang look bad, since there has been a growing resentment online towards her due to people thinking she’s using Raymond to get more famous.

Pan Shuang Shuang & John’s Family

Commenting on the leaked bed photos with Pan Shuang Shuang, Raymond Lam suggested the model not to burn any bridges. When asked about the rumour that Raymond would buy all the remaining photos from Pan Shuang Shuang for 20 million HK dollars (2.6 U.S. dollars), Raymond Lam made no comments.

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It is still unclear as to who is telling the truth about the relationship between Pan Shuang Shuang and Raymond Lam, as there are so many rumours and conflicting pieces of information circling around the Internet. Who knows when this situation will be resolved. Is it Pan Shuang Shuang trying to get famous or is it Raymond Lam breaking promises and hiding the truth as Pan Shuang Shuang says. What do you think the truth is?

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    That is so sad…..seems to me she could do a lot better than some dude who’s family is that narrow minded. She is a very beautiful girl and could potentially have any guy she wanted.

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