14 Aug ’11

Yang Qi Han Attempts Suicide For Sex Video

One of our most featured Chinese models Isabella Yang Qi Han 杨棋涵 was reported to attempt suicide this Thursday afternoon. At around 4:30pm on August 11th, 2011, Yang Qi Han was caught sitting in the window of her hotel room at Huaqiao Hotel in Wangfujing Street, Beijing. She was throwing beer bottles, high heels and papers from her hotel window, with hundreds of onlookers watching from below.

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In the end, firefighters managed to break into the hotel room and pull Yang Qi Han away from the window. At around 5:00pm, reporters arrived at the scene and learned that Yang Qi Han attempted suicide either for a rumoured love affair with a rich guy or a recent sex video that was leaked onto the Internet. In this video, Yang Qi Han wore a pink uniform, masturbating in front of the camera (pictures below).

Yang Qi Han is now hospitalized because she later tried to slash her wrists after being rescued from the window. Many assume that this is another viral marketing attempt and it could be Yang Qi Han herself who leaked the sex video onto the Internet. Whilst Yang Qi Han’s fans are still on her side, many Chinese netizens just conclude it as an act but are interested in searching out this sex video of Yang Qi Han.

Source: Tencent News

More Pictures Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

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  1. jj

    i think it’s purely viral marketing, she just wants more fame. oh look, an affair with a rich guy!? well hm…

  2. Hozaren

    Wow crazy, I guess it must be viral markting, haha if she was really throwing high heels and bottles out of the window, so mental.

  3. 741

    no support for yang qi han from me

  4. pankei

    no doubt thats yang qi han

    but why did she film a video like that thats what im wondering

  5. Frozentech

    where is the video? link or download link please

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