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21 Jan ’11

Shi Zi Jia – Hot Princess Is Back

Sexy Princess Kitty Shi Zi Jia 诗梓佳 is back! We finally have the latest photo shoots of hot Chinese babe Shi Zi Jia, who is often referred to as Little Zhang Xin Yu and E-cup babe Yao Yao. Fans call Shi Zi Jia “Sexy Princess” due to her beautiful and stunning look.

More Photos Of Shi Zi Jia Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

Beijing model Shi Zi Jia has recently released several sets of close-up lingerie photos for MOKO website. In most of these pictures, Shi Zi Jia wears a popular demin bra. Having a closer look at it, Shi Zi Jia does look like Zhang Xin Yu in some photos. Shi Zi Jia also reminds me of highly popular Chinese model Yang Qi Han, owing to her simple makeup and similar hairstyle.

After the lingerie sets, we have some earlier photo shoots of Shi Zi Jia which we haven’t shared with you before, as well as some real life cute pictures of hot babe Shi Zi Jia. If you like these pictures and the model, you can check out Shi Zi Jia’s profile and statistics in this link.

More Photos Of Shi Zi Jia Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

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  1. Tombo-san

    Everything was going ok, until this happened

    What is this blasphemy!

    • Nia

      A fish tattoo???!!!

      • Tombo-san

        I really hate tattoos haha, I do not understand how she can say the body is a beautiful work of art and the pollutes it with a tattoo, I know it’s only small but really there are no need for them!

        • Nia

          Oh, I see. I know what you mean. Personally it’s very contradicting to me. I agree with your point, getting a tattoo is unnecessary AND a pain even though it’s a form of art just like graffiti (ruining the neatness of a city). But meanwhile, I think tattoos are very cool, especially dragon and phoenix tattoos. Aww. >< That's why I can't decide whether I want one for myself, I don't want to regret one day and think about getting rid of it. Ouch*

  2. I thought I saw Yang Qi Han in the first picture??? So she wasn’t! lol. Was it because of photoshop editing? :O

  3. Stunning babe. Love the first photo. Her chin is pretty sharp.

  4. Sorachanmine

    Sorry but a is a tattoo turn off for me.

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