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16 Feb ’11

Shi Zi Jia – Lingerie & Other Dresses

Following up with the last super hot lingerie set, adorable Chinese babe Kitty Shi Zi Jia 诗梓佳 has again done some striking hot photo shoots lately. Shi Zi Jia was first known by her lingerie and bath photos, which resemble highly popular model Viann Zhang Xin Yu’s old photo shoots. Therefore, Shi Zi Jia was nicknamed “Little Zhang Xin Yu” by Chinese netizens.

More Photos Of Shi Zi Jia Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

In this photo update post, Shi Zi Jia shows off her slender body and gorgeous face in various settings and hot outfits. The green top set stands out to me, simply because I haven’t seen any models dressed in green outfits in a long time. How about you? Do you have a favourite set or picture here?

If you like Chinese babe Shi Zi Jia, why not check out more hot sets on her Red Flava page? For Shi Zi Jia’s profile story, statistics and stunning photo collection, you can go back to her previous post here. To view other hot Chinese photo shoots, please feel free to visit our Daily Idols China category. :)

More Photos Of Shi Zi Jia Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

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  1. Love the first picture. ^_^

  2. will

    this girl has cool tattoos on her body…

  3. yujun

    absolutely fascinating.

  4. tyler

    nice tattoos, cute outfits…

  5. steven

    hey silly girl
    why do you need to disfigure your beauty with that stupid tattoo ???
    i dont think GOD will accept it!!hehehe

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