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16 Feb ’11

Jiang Yi Han – Super Sexy Photos

It’s been ages since we had a photo update post of highly popular Asian babe Phoebe Jiang Yi Han 江伊涵. Jiang Yi Han is a half-Chinese and half-Korean model, singer and actress, best known by her extremely sexy football-themed pictures and seductive lingerie shoots.

More Photos Of Jiang Yi Han Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

When I went through some of Jiang Yi Han’s old photo shoots earlier, I’ve noticed that we’ve missed a lot of super sexy pictures of hot model Jiang Yi Han. So in this article, we’re going to display some of the old photo sets of Jiang Yi Han, which we have recently updated to our gallery.

If you think popular Asian babe Jiang Yi Han is sexy and attractive, why not check out more stunning sets of the model in her Red Flava page? For Jiang Yi Han’s profile story, statistics and hot photo collection, you can jump to her previous post here. :)

More Photos Of Jiang Yi Han Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

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  1. brian

    simply sexiness! <3

  2. Love her makeup, neat and hot. :D

  3. yuki

    Jiang Yi Han looks more like a Korean girl with makeup but a Chinese girl without.

  4. The football set is very sexy, Jiang Yi Han looked young and hot, especially that black and white shot.

  5. micheng


  6. Geoff

    Quite nice looking model, never seen her before, I guess she is new. Very natural and at the same time extravagant.

  7. bg

    glad that Jiang Yi Han models in china otherwise she wouldn’t have super sexy photos like these. :D

  8. china sure got so many sluts now,this would be unthinkable during Mao Ze Dong’s communist times.anw its a bit too much,makes chinese babes looks cheap,the fact the photo whr she open her legs so big really makes her a whore and i doubt she has much value left since she aldy posted nude.not v smart of her..

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