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18 Jan ’11

Jiang Yi Han – See Through Lingerie Bath

What has hot Asian model Phoebe Jiang Yi Han 江伊涵 been doing lately? That’s what I’ve been wondering. Whilst waiting for Jiang Yi Han’s news and latest photo shoots, I’ve gathered a few sets of Jiang Yi Han’s old photos from our gallery. Most of these pictures were taken during last October and November.

More Photos Of Jiang Yi Han Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

The following photo shoots include, see-through lingerie set entitled “Bath Of Love”, pond fairy photos of Jiang Yi Han as the spokesperson for several Chinese games, pictures in the woods entitled “Lolita’s kiss”, “Postmodern Lolita” 后现代洛丽塔 and “Lolita’s Temptation” Lolitaの惑 respectively. For Asian babe Jiang Yi Han’s profile and statistics, you can jump to this link here.

More Photos Of Jiang Yi Han Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

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  1. Jiang Yi Han should take some “young” photos, since she’s only 20 something, which I doubt. The bath and bed photos make her look like a middle-aged woman. I’m sure she doesn’t want herself to look older than she is. Well, Jiang Yi Han should continue to do what she’d been doing before, creative photoshoots, rather than trying so hard to look sexy and hot in revealing outfits. That makes her cheap.

  2. Pengyou

    Wow! She is very hot!

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