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5 Jan ’11

Yang Qi Han – Lingerie & Short Dresses

Similar to the last lingerie set of Isabella Yang Qi Han 杨棋涵, this is actually a colored version of the last lingerie photo shoot, even though I was expecting that Dong Ming Xuan 董铭轩, Yang Qi Han’s agent, would present an original version of this shoot without too much photoshop editing.

More Photos Of Yang Qi Han Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

To make it up for that thought, a few sexy Christmas snapshots of Yang Qi Han, Jiang Yi Han and Li Yuan Jing are added at the bottom of the post. Hope you like them all the same. As for the picture of Yang Qi Han in a pink dress, hopefully I’ll gather more photos for that set and share with you soon. To check out more photos and info, you can go to Yang Qi Han’s profile, Jiang Yi Han’s profile and Li Yuan Jing’s profile.

More Photos Of Yang Qi Han Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

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  1. If you need to use photoshop to improve your photos, that means you’re not confident about yourself. But if photoshop can actually beautify your photos, why not?

  2. Is it me or do they look a bit drunk in the last pictures lol

  3. Yang Qi Han looks weirder and weirder. She should stop modelling and concentrate on singing.

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