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9 Feb ’11

Wang Xin Yi – Dreamlike Modern Lifestyle

It seems like we’re not quite finished with stunning Chinese model Wang Xin Yi 王馨漪 yet, since more photos of her last few photo shoots were released by the photographer rather than the model. So part of the following sets can be found in our previous post of Wang Xin Yi.

More Photos Of Wang Xin Yi Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

My favourite photo shoot here is the bath set with the pink and red lingerie outfit. Wang Xin Yi slightly reminds me of Chinese babe Isabella Yang Qi Han, but Wang Xin Yi has a more solid and stronger look.

I think these dreamlike photo styles really benefit Wang Xin Yi. Let’s look forward to more hot shots like these! :D Meanwhile, you can bookmark and follow more posts of stunning Wang Xin Yi here. You can also check out model Wang Xin Yi’s statistics and other pictures in this link.

More Photos Of Wang Xin Yi Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

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  1. Thanks for so many updates. I’m loving the models. ^_^

  2. real nice pics.
    looking forward to the next post!

  3. Gorgeous! Nice expressions and angles.

  4. Ollies

    Wow what a gorgeous set Wang is a natural love the b&w shots, just devine!!

  5. tyler

    my fav girl here ;D

  6. fabulous gal yeah :D

  7. So, modern life means taking bath in clothes? :-)

  8. chris

    …OMG…she’s so beautiful and damn sexy….

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