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19 Jan ’11

Zhou Wei Tong – More Hot Beach Photos

After the last hot beach post of sexy Asian model Cica Zhou Wei Tong 周韦彤, I’ve realized that I’ve left some photos out of that beach set. These pictures, which together made up Zhou Wei Tong’s first photo album book “Loving Cica”, were shot in the Koh Samui Island in Thailand.

More Photos Of Zhou Wei Tong Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

In this photo update post, we’ll first share with you more hot beach photos of Chinese beauty Zhou Wei Tong. And then we have a few new and old pictures of Zhou Wei Tong which we haven’t shared with you before. If you like Chinese model Zhou Wei Tong and her photos, you can have a look at her profile and statistics here.

More Photos Of Zhou Wei Tong Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

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  1. hoshi

    The photos at the beach are ok. Don’t like the ones without lighting, wasn’t Zhou Wei Tong’s best photoshoot. Her skin looks bad. I think I’ve lost interest in Zhou Wei Tong. :P Compared with last model, Park Hyun Sun in outfits is hotter than Zhou Wei Tong in bikini and night wears. Is PHS much younger than ZWT?

  2. It looks like older models (30 something) tend to do nude photoshoots to win back fans. Zhou Wei Tong still doesn’t look like a pure Chinese to me, unless she has her surgery done like Japanese women’s facial features. I reckon now plastic surgery and breast implants are popular in China besides South Korea and Japan.

  3. she is too perfect,sure plastic and yeah they might bluff their age,just like jiang yihan.gosh with her procelain ballon boobs(which is obviously fake) and those innocent girl face where every mum wld love,seriously feel like doing this slut over and over agn.

  4. I like it nice hot.

  5. the dream come true…very hot…

  6. neo_ega

    wow its amazing i love when a shine distortion dash from behind like a first foto , its likes so discrete ambient

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