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4 Jan ’11

Tu Tu – Seductive Cat Costume

Our Queen of Costumes Tu Tu 兔兔 has released a new and exciting set of photo shoot of her in a very sexy Leopard cat costume. I’ve actually been waiting for Tu Tu to upload a few more pictures of this set, before I make a photo update post of her. However, according to Tu Tu’s MOKO post, she revealed that she has been lazy and less passionate to gather the new photos for MOKO, presumably due to her job changing from a catwalk model to a still model.

More Photos Of Tu Tu Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

That’s why we’ve only got 10 pictures so far for this hot set of Tu Tu, which is comparatively much less than her other air hostess photo shoot and navy photo shoot. But still, this new cat costume post has already received over 22,000 views on Tu Tu’s MOKO page in a day.

As Tu Tu puts it, today sexy Tu Tu is back. Enjoy these fierce and seductive photos of Tu Tu! For Tu Tu’s statistics, old photos and other information, you can go to her profile link here.

More Photos Of Tu Tu Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

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  1. Smoking hot! Love the first and fifth pictures. Tu Tu has some of the best costume photos from Asia. Hope someday she’ll get famous internationally.

  2. Kai

    I love Tu Tu’s expression, very seductive and hungry.

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