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15 Jan ’11

Yang Qi Han – Sexy Modern Barbie

The latest photo shoot of highly popular model Isabella Yang Qi Han 杨棋涵 is a set of lesbian-themed pictures entitled “La La”. In the shoot, Yang Qi Han wears two different lingerie outfits, black and white. It’s actually funny once in a while to see an Asian beauty like Yang Qi Han wear a moustache.

More Photos Of Yang Qi Han Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

Following the lingerie set, we have some old Barbie-themed pictures of Yang Qi Han which we haven’t posted before. Yang Qi Han is dressed in different beautiful and stylish dresses. As usual, Yang Qi Han’s detailed profile and old photos can be found in this link.

More Photos Of Yang Qi Han Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

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  1. LOL at the moustache in the first few pictures

  2. Yang Qi Han doesn’t look great in music videos, she looks fake, trying too hard.

  3. matt

    such a pretty barbie.

  4. Isabella

    Yang qi han ISABELLA is the most beautiful BARBIE i have ever seen

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