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2 Jan ’11

Mizz Zee – Cute Lingerie Shoot

Mizz Zee 卡门, the Chinese girl who originally worked for alternative rock and dark arts and who used to hate mainstream photo shoots, has surprised us with her nude Christmas shoot. As Mizz Zee continues her modelling career, this young Shanghai model and fashion stylist has turned herself into a mainstream model who is no different than popular models Zhang Wan You and Jiang Yi Han.

More Photos Of Mizz Zee Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

Recently, Mizz Zee has been updating her MOKO page with a series of cute lingerie photo shoots. Initially thinking that Mizz Zee wasn’t too good at doing mainstream photos like bikini and lingerie shoots, this potential Shanghai babe has shown us her improvements and adaptability.

In the following lingerie and nightwear photos, Mizz Zee has actually pulled off her cute side through the various lingerie she was wearing. The first picture of Mizz Zee is undoubtedly my favourite of this set, though I still can’t decide whether this retro hairstyle suits Mizz Zee. If you’re interested in this young Shanghai model, why not check out Mizz Zee’s profile and old photos here?

More Photos Of Mizz Zee Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

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  1. Nah, don’t think the hairstyle suits her.

  2. She’s changed so much from before.

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