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7 Jan ’11

Jin Mei Xin – Love Battle Audi Promo

A new and interesting car promotion entitled “Love battle” 恋 – 战 was recently released, which is styled as a motionless film about a beautiful girl being kidnapped by another sexy girl, who is then saved by her even more beautiful friend! It features highly popular Chinese model Jin Mei Xin 金美辛, Chen Lu Qian 陈璐茜 and Wang Nan Nan 王楠楠. In the story, the female kidnapper (Jin Mei Xin) can’t get Wang Nan Nan to love her, so she kidnaps her. Chen Lu Qian comes to her rescue since apparently Wang Nan Nan is her toy/slave.

More photos of Jin Mei Xin can be found at : Red Flava Gallery

Jin Mei Xin is dressed in hot pants, a bra and a biker jacket. Her prisoner Wang Nan Nan seems to be dressed in some crazy rope attire, and Chen Lu Qian is wearing just her underwear and shiny corset.

Photographed by Huang Can 黄璨, this is quite a risqué theme for China, featuring lesbian lovers in a major promotion. The photos feature the new Audi TT and Q7 car. Each picture has a few sentences describing the story.

I’m actually unclear as to whether someone just found these Audi Promotion pictures, noticed it only featured three women and put in some text to make it seem like some lesbian love triangle. However it’s both promoted on Moko, Tencent and some other major Chinese websites, so it seems legitimate. If so it seems China is becoming more open to this type of theme, and it would be interesting to see what kind of reaction it gets from the Chinese public.

More photos of Jin Mei Xin can be found at : Red Flava Gallery

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  1. Nia

    Chen Lu Qian and Wang Nan Nan remind me of twin models Kong Yan Song & Kong Yan Zhu:

  2. They have great bodies. Jin Mei Xin is my favourite bad girl, her face is stunning.

  3. 子信

    I love this! =^__^=

  4. I wonder too how open China can be.

  5. tyler


  6. aiai

    so beautiful ,,,cici

  7. Jason Corvinus


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