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12 Mar ’11

Kong Sisters – Sexy Shirt Dresses

This is actually the second part of Kong Sistersprevious article. Only Kong Yan Song 孔燕松 took part in the first shoot, so I didn’t expect that younger sister Kong Yan Zhu 孔燕竹, who had a cold at the time, would join her sister in this shoot. Although the photoshop editing seems a bit over the top, Kong sisters still prove that they deserve to be called long-legged twin models.

More Photos Of Kong Sisters Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

If you’re interested in Kong Yan Song and Kong Yan Zhu, you can have a look at their detailed stories, statistics and hot photos in this link. To view more photo sets of Kong sisters, you can visit and browse this Red Flava page.

More Photos Of Kong Sisters Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

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  1. jade

    if only every photo would be like the first one. >-<

  2. It looks like Kong Yan Song and Kong Yan Zhu don’t look exactly the same. Hehe. ^_^

  3. lol


  4. brian

    brilliant job at editing their faces, to make them look so different even tho they’re twins.

  5. Bravo at the top photo. lol at the last two. :P

  6. yuki

    i want that pink high heels. ^^

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