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5 Jan ’11

Hua Jia – Sexy Lace Lingerie

As we’ve introduced earlier, Amanda Hua Jia 画嘉 is a 24-year-old Chinese model from Taiyuan, Shanxi Province. Hua Jia used to be so cute and vulnerable in her old photo shoots. But now Hua Jia has turned into a sexy and attractive woman with her latest lingerie set. In some of the pictures, I almost couldn’t recognize Hua Jia.

Other than the hot lingerie photos, we’ll also share with you some cute pictures of Hua Jia, which were taken by her sister according to her MOKO post. In these photos, Hua Jia wears a casual but comfortable dark blue winter outfit, which I think really suits her. And, is that a new tattoo of her in the picture above? I think that suits her new image too. Anyway, hope you like these photos. If you want to view more pictures of Hua Jia or check out her profile, you can jump to her previous post here.

More Photos Of Hua Jia Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

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  1. Yeah she can do both sexy & seductive and innocent & cute really well.

  2. What happened to Hua Jia’s eyes in the 9th picture? They looks unreal.

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